Leading Virality Online with Creative Engineer Steve Zilberman

From Oliver Tree to Mason Ramsey, Steve Zilberman has had his hand in some of the most recognized viral content of our time. Entering the industry with an acute understanding of how the internet moves, Steve has proven an innate ability to stay steps ahead of the curve. With well over 1.5B video views under his belt, industry leaders are turning heads as they continue to find new and creative ways to increase the likelihood of their artists going viral online.

The music industry’s involvement on social media has been apparent since day one. But with burgeoning pay walls and newly instated algorithms that don’t necessarily favor the artist, musicians have been seeking a new platform to reach fans by allowing their brand to evolve both visually and conceptually. Steve’s creative direction working for influential YouTubers like lesbian commentators Bria & Chrissy (871k subscribers) & improv comic Cherdleys (1.71M subscribers) drew the eyes of eccentric pop artist Oliver Tree who joined forces with Steve in order to create a recognizably unique brand and image that eventually, fans would fall in love with.

Said to have the “lucky touch” Steve’s success rate with video curation surpassed everyone in his field, later drawing the attention of one of TikTok’s most popular content creators Bella Poarch (58M TikTok followers) and A-List pop artist Benny Blanco. And he’s done such a good job that fans are now recognizing Benny as the ‘TikTok guy’ rather than the multi-million dollar pop artist that originally rose him to fame.

What’s his secret? Well, Steve has adopted many methods including drawing inspiration from what went viral in the past in order to determine what might go viral in the future. The only way to beat the internet is to stay steps ahead of it and viral engineers like Steve are the guys to go to when you feel like you’re fresh out of original ideas. Every day we see new videos pop up on the internet to showcase new talent, a dance trend, political commentary, etc etc. But how do we bypass the concern for short attention spans and rather, get people to truly focus on one thing? And how do we take that one thing and multiply it?

The questions are endless and the future is…well, exciting. Visit Steve Zilberman on TikTok here to learn more.

And contact him via his website here.

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