BabyK Talks Inspirations and New Music

Nineteen year old artist BabyK talks about his background, inspirations and new music in his interview with One West Magazine here.

Watch BabyK Ft Ceeze – “Forgive My Sins” (Official Music Video) here.

1)You said you got your start by turning on a beat on YouTube. What inspired you about the beat and do you remember which beat it was?

What inspired me about  the beat is how In the background , u can hear a little voice constantly saying “transparent”,  and it was just so catchy I had to record to it, and the beat is called “forgive my sins”, so that’s kind of why I named the song that.

2) You grew up wrestling – did any of the disciplines that wrestling taught you get carried over into your music?

One thing wrestling taught me that carries over to my music would have to be patience and to not give up no matter the circumstances.

3) Tell us about your first song “Forgive My Sins”. What was it about and what inspired you to write it?

Forgive my sins was a song I wrote in my basement , it’s about how U gotta watch the people who around you , I talk about my brother a lot in it too who is incarcerated rn. What inspired me to write forgive my sins is me , i would listen to all dese other rappers and be like “oh I can make dis sound way better” and I just start writing .

4) How do you feel posting your music on Triller has helped propel your music career forward?

Posting my music on triller has helped me a lot because it gives my people something to look for , they’ll hear a snippet and be like “ yea when u dropping , send me dis send me dat” , It’s good promo fr.

5) Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and why?

I don’t really have a musical inspiration, I feel like I can learn from everybody in a way, but I never had like that one artist who I always looked up too. I look up to me .

6) What are your plans for 2021? Can we expect new music on the way?

I plan on making 2021 my breakout year ! I want everybody to know who babyk is and see I got the potential like any of dese other artists . I plan on dropping my first ep this year.  So stay on the look out for that

7) Where do you see your music career in 5-10 years?

In 5-10 years I see my music career doing great , Ik I got the talent to make it big , I just gotta keep grinding and keep my foot on they necks, no letting up.

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