Lupe Xchange Releases Brings That Heat In Newest Visual “Kent Races”

Northern Virginia artist Lupe Xchange is an upcoming superstar who makes music that is uplifting and gravitates towards Pop mixed with Melodic Rap with an R&B vibe. He got into music from a young age by watching his older brothers writing rhymes. He would imitate them and start documenting random things on his own in his raps. He knew from there on out, he wanted to pursue this as a career.

When asked what his goals are when it comes to his music, Lupe Xchange responded “To show the world a unique form of art and continue creating things out of the norm. My goal is to have my music played in all public places, especially ones we unconsciously listen to and sing along to music in our daily lives not just at concerts or when people feel like the time is right. I would also love to hear my music on Sunday night football, video games or any big coliseum of that nature.”

Music is a passion of Lupe Xchange’s because it allows him to channel any feelings or build up emotions he keeps inside.  An impact that he wants to make with his music is to open doors for other artists that may fear expressing their true uniqueness within their music. His EP “Reallive Popstar” really set the tone as far as which direction in music Lupe Xchange was heading towards. The project received major love from his supporters especially in his hometown. The video for his track “Kent Races”  out now and you can check out his music on all streaming services!

Instagram: lupexchnage

YouTube: lupexchange

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