Introducing Hip Hop Artist Ceeym

Hip Hop Recordding artist Ceeym aka Darius Price was born in Granada Hills California but raised in Lancaster California. He got involved in music at an early age. He’s an up coming artist and also has a passion for modeling. He loves sports such as basketball, football and baseball.
In 2016, Ceeym signed an artist deal with the indie label Made4Millions Entertainment and began recording music with Super Producer, Patient Picasso best know for creating hits for 1500 Or Nothing, Mac Lucci, Glasses Malone Yung Zeke., Tyler Reign, Silento and many others. In 2017, Ceeym began performing live at the Venice Beach Invitational and received major attention from his fans. In 2018 he performed live at the Sesh Up in Lancaster, CA. On April 23. 2019, he will perform Live at the No Hold Bars Music Festival in Atlanta GA and on May 5, 2019 Ceeym will perform live during Cinco De Mayo at Ninja Karaoke in Las Vegas, NV.
You can stay up to date on new music by following Ceeym on Instagram here.

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