Celebrities Who Love Burberry Designs

The Burberry brand has a long and celebrated history, dating back to 1856 when it was established by Thomas Burberry. It was originally designed as stylish outdoor attire, and today that vibe still remains, but Burberry has thrown off the shackles of functionality and today is a brand much loved by celebrities.

Some of the biggest celeb fans of Burberry are listed below.

The Queen

Arguably the most famous celeb in the world, HRH the Queen of England, is very fond of Burberry. The Queen enjoys wearing a Burberry scarf to keep away the chill in England’s temperate climate. She has been much photographed wearing her favorite Burberry scarf with a classic coat and handbag. Go, Your Majesty!

Barack Obama

Former POTUS Barack Obama is one step below the Queen in the celeb stakes, and as you might expect from such a stylish man-about-town, he is rather fond of Burberry. From Burberry scarves to ties, Burberry is a good look for an ex-president and style icon.


Queen Bey is equally enamored of Burberry and she has been photographed wearing the brand’s latest designs on several occasions. She also gave the brand a huge shoutout when she wore Burberry on stage during the On the Run II tour. Beyonce rocked a stylish pair of Burberry boots, bustier, and chic matching jacket. The fans loved the look.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has long been a fan of Burberry too. Ms. Carey rocked a Burberry backpack many years ago, but we are certain she still wears Burberry even today. After all, Burberry is a classic look, so it never goes out of style.

Gigi Hadid

If you want a more up-to-date style reference to drool over, look no further than Gigi Hadid, the proud mother of Zayn Malik’s baby. Gigi is a top model and style icon for the younger generation, and she always looks nothing less than glam when photographed by the paparazzi. As such, Burberry is something she loves to wear when running errands. Gigi likes to keep it casual, by pairing a Burberry jacket with some cool boyfriend jeans. We love this look as it suits any occasion.

Eddie Redmayne

English actor Eddie Redmayne likes to fly the flag for all things quintessentially British, and that includes promoting British brand Burberry. He has even starred in a major Burberry marketing campaign!

The famous red, beige, and white grid pattern of Burberry clothing and accessories are instantly recognizable. From handbags and scarves to coats and jackets, Burberry never goes out of fashion. In recent times, the brand has branched out with new and original clothing and accessories for men, which include messenger bags, gloves, and even sunglasses. You can explore the collection at SSENSE, which stocks Burberry for men and women. It’s the perfect store for anyone after high-end streetwear and country chic.

If Burberry floats your boat, splash out on some chic Burberry accessories. You really can’t go wrong with a classic Burberry scarf or tie for any occasion. It’s guaranteed to style up any outfit!

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