03 Greedo Catches A Wave With Wiz Khalifa for “Substance (We Woke Up)” (Remix)

The legend of 03 Greedo continues. While staying down serving time, he exercises his greatness he connects with a rap superstar to remix a career milestone. The L.A. living legend releases his remix  “Substance” (We Woke Up) ft. Wiz Khalifa.

This remix is a woozy and romantic rap ballad complemented with a Beat Boy instrumental, the softly-sung “Substance” is a showcase for Greedo’s taffy-like vocal runs and instinctual approach to songwriting. “Substance” originally found acclaim in 2018, when it was released as part of Greedo’s The Wolf Of Grape Street. 

Undeterred by his prison sentence, which he is currently serving in Abilene, TX, 03 Greedo continued to put out quality L.A. street music in 2020. Ready to flood the market with more of his massive backlog of music, 03 Greedo will make his presence felt in 2021, even if he remains behind bars. Stay tuned for much more.

Watch the video below.

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