Atlanta Artist Kiko Blac Is Bringing The Heat! New Single “Sit Down” Coming This Friday!

Kiko Blac is a hustler ready to make her dreams come true. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, the up-and-coming artist relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, at the age of 18 to focus on her career in music. Inspired by her free-spirited personality, Kiko Blac is all about being authentic and spreading positive vibes! In fact, after discovering the meaning behind the name Kiko is “Be Happy”, she refused to be called anything else (even by her family)!

Coming into the music industry with a whole new vibe, Kiko Blac has a sound that doesn’t come with overhyped and/or disingenuous energy. The independent artist would describe her sound as cool, calm, hype, happy, raw, real, and most importantly unbothered.

As a musician, Kiko Blac admires the amount of creative expression she is able to explore through music.  She admits she isn’t emotionally expressive, so you can count on her leaving it all in the lyrics. She hopes to inspire her fans by sharing her story and motivate them to stay true to themselves.

“I want to impact anyone who just wants to live free, be themselves unapologetically, and be happy.” She explained, “I want to inspire others to do things for themselves and not just so a lot of people will like them, that’s never the goal. I want to inspire people to do it because its who they are.”

The up-and-coming artist reveals her drive and motivation to succeed come from wanting to achieve more than those who came before her. This year, Kiko Blac is ready to show that she is a force to be reckoned with. She plans to turn heads in the music industry and deliver HEAT all year long! Starting with her next single “Sit Down”, which is set to be released this FRIDAY! Be sure to keep an eye out for the single which will be available on all streaming sites!

IG: @kikoblac


YouTube Channel: kiko blac



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