Meet Lon6z- Artist, Producer, Engineer From Los Angeles, California.

Lon6z is an independent artist who plans to RUN IT UP in 2021! Motivated to achieve his goals, the up-and-coming artist will not stop until he makes it to the top! Originally from Dayton, Ohio, Lon6z has been making music since the early 2000’s. However, his decision move to Los Angeles, California is exactly what Lon6z needed to focus on taking his career to the next level.

Taking the steps to move to a different city, Lon6z was determined to network with some of the top entertainers in the industry. He has since worked with Snoop Dogg, The Game, and MANY MORE big-name artists some of which he cannot reveal.

When it comes to his own music, Lon6z isn’t afraid to keep it real! In fact, his music is often inspired by whatever mood he’s in while recording in the studio.  The independent artist also shares his passion for music doesn’t stop at one genre. His ability to switch his sound from r&b to Hip-hop keeps his fans on their toes.

“Music is not about just making that hit for today.” He explained, “Music is where I wanna change the world, motivate, teach, monetize, get accolades but most importantly is the idea of giving back to those who need to hear me. “

With his rising success in the music industry, Lon6z is proving that with hard work and determination you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

“Honestly what motivates me is to wake up everyday and be the living testimony of accomplishing whatever you set your mind to.” Lon6z shared, ““I’m motivated off of my goals to be successful. I just simply want to accomplish these goals I set.”

In 2021, Lon6z is ready to deliver some of his best work yet! Beginning with his most recent track he dropped on New Years day called “Backflip”! The single is the first of many Lon6z plans to drop this year. He confirmed that he will be releasing new music every other week along with locking in more collaborations/partnerships!

Stream Lon6z! Music Available on all streaming platforms.


Social Media:

IG: @lon6z

Facebook: @Lon6z

Twitter: @lon6z

YouTube: Lon6zTV

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