Up and Coming Artist Savant Bleu Wants His Music To Break Barriers In The Music Industry.

Independent artist Savant Bleu wants his music to challenge the way people categorize genres. The New Yorker is looking to break barriers musicians often face when they are boxed into one category. Savant Bleu has a fresh sound that is electric, mellow, and soulful. Many say that the up-and-coming artist has that classic r&b sound, however he explained his sound is more soulful with a touch of contemporary. The independent artist writes his own lyrics and is ready to inspire people to listen to music with no restrictions.

At a young age Savant Bleu knew he wanted to be an artist. He recalls being surrounded by the sounds of jazz, reggae, and hip hop, thanks to his dad who would often DJ. It was at his first singing performance at a summer talent show, that he received feedback that would encourage him to continue to chase his dreams. Throughout high school, the independent artist was a part of an r&b group that did just about anything to get noticed. From singing on street corners to singing for record executives in front of the MTV building in New York, Savant Bleu was ready to prove that he was the next star on the rise. He later attended college to study music business where he met a producer that he collaborated with from time to time. Together they would write and produce music for other artists.

Creating music day in and day out while working construction on the side to stay afloat, the independent artist decided it was time he should prioritize his making his own music. This was after he suffered an injury at the construction job he was working on at the time.

He admits, “Getting hurt, tearing my meniscus, on my job put a lot of things in perspective for me and I took it as an omen.”

Since then, the up-and-coming artist released his first EP titled “Out the Bleu”. The EP received a lot of praise, putting the up-and-coming artist on people’s radar. However, it was his studio single “Morning” that was featured on the EP that won Savant Bleu Artist of The Month and Hottest Track from Baller Alert back in 2019.

Savant Bleu admits he wants his music to create a new genre that will help people perceive music in a different way. He explained, “There’s so much sounds that goes into making music and to be placed in a large pool can be frustrating when my sounds cover 3 genres or more.”

With hopes to have his music inspire many and impact the creative youth, the independent artist is no where near being done. In fact, Savant Bleu is currently working on his upcoming EP and singles that will be released individually. The New Yorker has yet to confirm when he will release his next project but if you haven’t yet, you can stream his latest EP “Out the Bleu” Available on all streaming sites.

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