Getting to Know Young Entrepreneur Jordan Khoury

Currently a freshman in college, Jordan Khoury is studying entrepreneurship in an effort to open his own business one day. After seeing what his immigrant family had done in the U.S, creating successful companies in various industries, he believes he can use the tools that he has learned from not only working in these industries but also having a vested personal interest. We sat down with Jordan to learn more.

1) What originally drew you to entrepreneurship? 

As I’ve grown up, my family has consistently owned a variety of businesses in different industries. Not only have they taught me the values of entrepreneurship and patience, but also taught me the importance of delving deeper into the industries that have promise. I have used this to advantage to see the different trends in industries and make educated decisions in where to invest

2) What do you feel are some of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face? And what are some of the benefits to being an entrepreneur?

I would say the biggest challenge is definitely the risk of investing because entrepreneurs are often times liable for most if not all of the loss, the fact that the loss incurred is not company-wide, but put upon yourself is definitely something that is risky and a challenge. However, the benefits to entrepreneurship are endless as it is a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. Being able to invest and being your own boss is something I have always advocated for.

3) If you were to start your own business tomorrow, what would it be? 

I would start something that would be consistent in use such as a gas station or open a food chain fast food restaurant. But goal is to start my own

4) You say you come from a family of immigrants who own businesses. Tell us what that experience was like growing up.

The experience for me was very becoming as I saw my parents switch thinking during my childhood. They always dove to what was popular and seemingly made money doing so. During my childhood, they owned a restaurant but as I grew older they opened up a CBD company with the recent rise of this industry. Just recently, they also opened a hand sanitizer manufacturing company to distribute hand sanitizer in portable containers during this COVID-19 time.

5) What are some of the things you learned from your family growing up?

I learned to never be scared to take risks, often times I saw my parents delve into different industries and be successful even though they realized and assumed the risk it took to be successful. They taught me to always trust my gut and do what you believe is right.

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