YNG kev0 Drops His Latest Single “Gangsta” and Teases New EP On The WAY!

YNG kev0 is an independent artist from New York that does not like to be tied down to one genre. The New Yorker takes pride in his versatility and his ability to be different. YNG kev0 has a sound that is real and authentic, setting him apart from most people in the industry. In fact, most of his music is created on the spot while freestyling about his past pain and life experiences. The independent artist says music is the only way he could truly express himself.

“Music is like a diary to me.” He explained, “I’m not too good with words when it comes to talking to people but when I make music I can put everything I’m feeling on a track the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

The independent artist has been making music since he was in his early teens. It was back in 2009 when YNG kev0 recorded his first song ever! The track was in Spanish being that he lived in the Dominican Republic at the time. However, it was not until late last year when the independent artist decided he needed to get out in the industry. This was after he spent time in jail and an inmate had assured him that he had a chance to change people’s lives.

“What really made me say I’m taking this serious was going to jail. I sang one of my songs to a OG in there and he started crying and this was a man that’s been in and out of jail his whole life.” He revealed, “For him to get emotional with something I put together from my life stories and the things I been through made me realize I can touch people with my music.”

His motivation also came from another inmate who had dreams of making music himself. YNG kev0 promised him that he would never stop chasing his dreams and that has been the case ever since.

YNG kev0 is determined to make an impact on the people who come from the bottom and feel the pain of the world. He hopes and aspires to become something more than music.

Currently YNG kev0 is working on his upcoming EP but as of now there is no release date. If you are in the mood to catch some vibes and listen to some good music, tap in and stream his latest single, “Gangsta” which is available on all streaming platforms.

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IG: @yngkev0

YouTube: YNG Records

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