Hotboi Inspires Others Through Melodic Feel Good Music

Hotboi is an artist who is from Orange County who is here to put Juice County on the map. Not only does he write his own music, but he also acts. Hotboi started doing music when he was singing in the shower as a child. He then started taking it seriously in 2006/2007. His style is divinely instructed but also deeply rooted in the craft of HipHop. Music is what moves him. It puts Hotboi is in a place of peace and happiness because he expresses himself best through music. He recently released his album “The Raw Materia” and you can get to know Hotboi below!

What inspires your sound?

Music allows me to strategically express emotions that I might otherwise suppress, due to my inability to properly articulate my feelings in the spur of the moment. Music lets me think it out, and then pen it; which also allows people time to take it in, and then process it. My passion is in all forms of creation, not just music, but also visual arts.

Who is your motivation and why?

My children and life experiences are definitely my motivation. My mother also motivates me and I started writing poetry because she wrote.

Who are the top 3 artists that you currently look up to?

I don’t have 3 artists that I look up to but if I could choose 1 it would be Yasiin Bey or better know as Mos Def. If I ever get the opportunity to work with that man I’m taking it.

What impact are you looking to make with your music?

My goal when it comes to music is to impact the right people, the ones who need my message. Beyond that, I want to make money doing what makes me feel most unbounded or free. And I definitely want to reclaim truth for me and all my folks.

In your opinion, what makes you stand out from other/current artists out there?

I’d say the content, my language usage, and my intention. HipHop is kind of known for its’sometimes overused concepts (sex, drugs, violence), and its vulgarity. I try to bring awareness to other elements of life. Don’t get me wrong, I like sex, and I’m familiar with drugs, and even more familiar with the streets but I feel like those subjects need to breathe a little bit. Plus there’s a lot more to the world that isn’t being spoken on. That’s my lane, the shit that needs to be addressed…. I mean, with respect to what I have the wisdom to address.

Have you performed and/or participated in any talent shows and/or television shows?

In 2017 I did a background scene in the movie “Bright” starring Will Smith. I also played a Tupac Photo double in the TV show “Unsolved” about Pac and Biggie in 2018.

Instagram: hotboimusic

YouTube: hotboivevo

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