Independent Artist Stevo Swizzi Is On The Rise! Get To Know Why You Should Keep The New Yorker On Your Radar.

New York Artist Stevo Swizzi has dreams to become one of the greatest moguls in the game. The independent artist is currently on the rise. Recently winning a freestyle competition on WorldStar Hip-Hop, Stevo Swizzi has been making a good impression with his real and raw sound. The hip-hop artist is ready to drop new music and make an impact around the world.

Stevo Swizzi has always been surrounded by music. In fact, most of his family members did some form of music from singing to rapping. Growing up he spent a lot of time along side his Cousin O, who was on his own mission to produce beats and write music. Being that the two were so close, Stevo Swizzi was inspired and learned a lot from his cousin especially when they spent time together in the studio.

“One day in 5th grade I got inspired and started writing to a 50 Cent beat while O recorded.” The independent artist recalled, “I left the book of the raps I wrote. O saw it an told me that shit was dope. I been rapping since”

Back in 2010, Stevo Swizzi took matters in his own hands. After learning how to record in the studio alone, Stevo Swizzi hopped in the booth and completed his first track.

“I came across drakes ‘I Get Lonely’ instrumental and immediately I started freestyling fire, I said lemme record this.” Stevo Swizzi revealed, “I freestyled at least a minute worth of quality bars then I arranged them on a paper and recorded it. I did that whole track in less than 20 min.”

Stevo Swizzi says he can’t describe why he is so passionate about music but it’s the only thing he gravitates to. After trying to go on a different path, Stevo Swizzi always came back around to making music. He explained how he can always rely on music to put him in a better mood. No matter if he is happy or sad, music is a form of therapy for the independent artist.

The New Yorker admits that music is the only place where he doesn’t feel out of place therefore its his motivation to keep hustling. His kids, family, hood and love for the game also motivates him to continue to work hard and keep improving as an artist.

After years of making music, Stevo Swizzi is ready to prove that he is someone you should keep on your radar! This year he released two projects “So Brooklyn” and his most recent single “Randy/16”. The independent also teased that he is currently working on a mixtape and an ALBUM! As of now there is no set release date.

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