Aww Hail Rel Drops Racial Injustice Inspired Visual for “The Way I’m Feelin”

Tallahassee, FL bred, multifaceted recording artist Aww Hail Rel is back with a skin-chilling #BlackLivesMatteranthem.

No stranger to this, Rel spits bar after bar of relatable content many lack the courage to verbalize. Versatile to say the least, Rel expresses to his audience the every day struggle of being black in America.

Through the pain in his voice we were gifted with a melodic masterpiece of purpose. Check out the official video for “The Way I’m Feelin” below and stream Aww Hail Rel on all digital platforms.

We sat down with Aww Hail to talk about the new song as well as the next steps for his music career!

1) Tell us more about your BLM Anthem. What specific event this year inspired you to write about the current state of unrest and how do you hope your song affects people?
The song was written based on my passion for life, the killings of black America and just the way the world is set up to put one race against another. I speak from my heart in every song and I live my life day by day, so when I do speak it’s from a place of passion and pride.
2) Do you feel like artists have an obligation to weigh in on current events through their music this year?
No I don’t, because everyone isn’t blessed with the same path. Some are Chosen to do God’s work, while others are just blessed with an opportunity.
3) Are there any artists whom you admire this year for their head-on approach to tackling current events?
Lil Baby for sure. His songs are most def an inspiration for me. The power behind overcoming adversity is the main reason why I spoke, so his songs talk about the world as it is and how we as a whole need to change it.
4) What have some of your biggest challenges been in 2020 and how have you overcome them?
Coming from nothing into a world where I feel you have to have a certain sound, I felt I was out of time. My music is mos def a lot different from what’s being produced, so having to find the will to know what I have and continue to push is by far the hardest thing ever. Having no mgmt and no team behind you can really get discouraging.
5) In general, who are some of your biggest musical influences and why?
Michael Jackson is the main reason I do music. He made me understand how powerful music is. Andre 3000 and Nas gave me my lyrical content with the help of Rakim, Trick Daddy and Master P. They gave me my hood element; being real and sticking to your word. Mystikal gave me the aggressive side (laughs), while Busta Rhymes gave me my whole creative mind and taught me about cadences and the art of spitting.
6) Do you have any more music coming out in 2020 and if not, do you have plans to release music in 2021?
Most def. I have two albums dropping before the year is over, Big Trouble Little Tally and The B.O.R.N. So be on the lookout for that.
7) Where are you from and how did you get your start in music?
Born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. My start came from my childhood brother Montez. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think you would even know who I am today. He gave me my identity.
8) If you could give one piece of advice to artists this year, what would it be?
Always make sure you handle business first. Be consistent in whatever you do, and most of all, don’t let nobody stop you.. and I mean NOBODY! People aren’t going to see your vision at first.

Check out his new music video on YouTube here.

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