King YK Is Determined To Become The Most Successful Artist In The Game! The New Yorker Teases New Music Coming SOON.

King YK is an independent artist from New York that is ready to take the industry by storm. The hip-hop artist wants to be known for two things– his artistry and business moves. King YK is inspired by Jay-Z so it’s no surprise that the New Yorker has goals to become the youngest CEO in the game! After a long break from music King YK is dedicated now more than ever to take his career to the top.

Growing up King YK knew for a fact that he wanted to be a musician. In fact, he began making music at the age of 9 and took it serious from the start. His father could be the very reason why King YK is so invested in this industry.

“The bug came from me always being with my dad during a time where he had a group of his own that he was basically managing at the time.” King YK explained, “From him dragging me to most of the video shoots and studio sessions, the energy surrounding all of that led me to saying I want to do it too. I went and got my first black and white composition notebook, and the rest was history after writing that first line. “

It was around this time where the young artist had the opportunity to work with and was signed to Michael Bivins of New Edition. However, the yearlong deal fell short due to other obligations the New Edition artist had to follow through with.

The independent artist who was previously known as Yung Kha has been putting in work for as long as he could remember. In fact, after a long hiatus the New Yorker decided to revamp his whole brand and name to King YK to coincide with his new sound/flow. The hip-hop artist describes his new sound as melodic paired with hard hitting bars. King YK writes all of his music and even has been practicing freestyling without pen and paper!

King YK is bossed up and grinding to get to the next level in this industry. However, the independent artist admits there was a moment in time that really changed his outlook on his career.

“2 life changing moments. My daughter’s birth and the loss of my mother due to cancer.” He revealed, “Both only a year apart, changed my life around in a drastic but positive way making me take the music and business of my brand more seriously.  In my head it was like I have to boss up not only for myself and my daughter but also for my brothers, me being the oldest.”

Since then the New Yorker has gone on tour and opened two shows for DaBaby! As well as drop a new album just last month titled, “9.14”! The album has 10 tracks with features from Young Deli, Q Gotti, and 2g.Kaash. King YK is also set to deliver the DELUXE version of 9.14 sometime early November. The deluxe album will feature 4 to 5 new songs.

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