Issam.415 Talks Humble Beginnings, Bay Area Hip Hop & More

Issam.415 is a San Francisco recording artist driven by music. Beginning in the Church, Issam.415 musical origins are heavily passionate, structured and creative. Entering Hip Hop, he discovers his true self and the groovy attraction that is the Bay Area. Ready to see his name in the limelight, the promising musician activates his Operation: Takeover with a promising 2020 full-length project. Before its release, we sat down with the rising Bay Areaian for a quick interview about his humble beginnings, what the Bay has taught him and what’s next. Read the complete interview below. [HHS87]: For its unique independence and infectious energy, the Yay Area has always been a magnetic region for West Coast Hip Hop. Who are some Bay Area artists you would credit to heavily influence your music and why? [Issam.415]: I have been influenced by a huge array of artists, but some bay area artists i would give credit too are for sure Mac Dre, Lil pete, and despite the fact they’re not a hip hop group Green Day has had a melodical impact on my music.

What songs are Issam415 best known for?

I’m best known for my songs “99 Baby” and “I Need More.”

Through music, what have you learned about yourself?

Through music, I’ve learned most that I express my feelings best through music. Most people consider me to be very quiet, I’m not a ventor. I would rather just vent through my music. 

Growing up all over San Fransico, tell us what part of the city has the most essential history you’ve used to create music?

The Mission District and the Fillmore, have influenced me the most forsure. The murals, art and culture represented in these neighborhoods is really what drove me to make music in the first place, its a dream being a San Franciscan artist.

Your music career began with GarageBand and a $15 mic. Today, do you ever miss those early days of recording music and the feeling it brought you?

Of course I miss the creative process back then, it was more of a puzzle than it is now. For the most part though I still record most of my music at home, teaching myself something new with every song. So for the most part the feeling music brings me is still the same and only growing. 

Does an aspiring artist have to relocate to L.A. to pursue a successful career in music?

No, an aspiring artist doesn’t have to move to La. In my life with the tools it presented, it was just more beneficial for me to move there. Anyone can get it out of any mud, just continue with action not words.

Why does Hip Hop often frown upon working a 9-to-5 while pursuing a music career?

I think Hip Hop frowns upon working a 9-5 because so many artists come from that background. It comes to a point where we’re tired of working some dead-end, bossy job. We wanna be great.

The best advice you’ve received about creating music?

The best advice i’ve received about make music is don’t make it if you’re not in the mood or don’t feel like it. Them creative juices can’t flow if you don’t want them to. Get inspired, go out and get some air, smoke a blunt, and when the feeling there, create your art!

COVID-19 has given everyone plenty of time to reinvent themselves.  What have you done to improve yourself as an artist throughout 2020?

In 2020, I had the hidden blessing of losing my job. So I got the opportunity to move away from home and become a full time artist. More time to record, promote, and work on our brand. I feel like all this time to work on music has made me unstoppable!

During your travels, what have you learned about the music business?

During my travels i learned that the music business is very much about marketing yourself and presenting your personality/ image digitally. And going just 300 miles to another place can bring a whole different  sound/ taste of a music genre.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

We can expect a whole gang of singles and new videos, while i secretly work on an album that’ll be one of the futures favorite.

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