Up and Coming Artist Kay Kay Drops Visuals For Debut Single “Like Kay Kay”!

Independent Artist Kay Kay is just getting started! Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Kay Kay has discovered her newest passion! It was earlier this year when the independent artist was challenged to drop a few bars in the studio and she hasn’t looked back since. Just last month Kay Kay released her debut single “Like Kay Kay” and the video has over 54k views!  The up and coming artist is new to the game and is dedicated to learning every aspect of the industry.

Kay Kay revealed that a lot of work has been done by practicing on writing and gaining confidence in creating music. However, the Little Rock Native has yet to find her signature sound.

“Honestly, I am still looking for my sound.” Kay Kay said, “I just started making music and I’m just trying to understand the fundamentals on creating music.”

The up and coming artist also has a talent for being behind the camera! In 2017, she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to attend college to study Film and Motion pictures! While living in Atlanta Kay Kay worked at ATL House of Shoots ran by Joe Yung Spike, where she learned a lot about what it takes to film a music video. Ultimately the experience Kay Kay gained during this time inspired the independent artist to start building her empire!

“I am currently an upcoming videographer/director.” Kay Kay revealed, “Last year, 2019, I got my LLC for my production company. RayneDrop Film & Production is named after my middle name. Anyway, I shoot a lot of freelance run and gun videos, but I prefer to film concept/theme videos, so the best way to do that I feel is to make my own music and have total control over my videos.”

The up and coming artist says Movies and TV inspire her music. Typically, after watching a movie the independent artist is already thinking of ways she can incorporate it into a music video or into a song. For instance, her debut single “Like Kay Kay” was inspired by the movie “Like Mike” and Lil Bow Wow’s song “Basketball”.

Ultimately Kay Kay wants to be the best creator of ALL time! The up and coming artist promises that she will always come with the heat! She hopes that her work will get her recognized all over the world.

Currently the independent artist is healing from an accident that occurred while on set for her single. The hip-hop artist broke her ankle and was rushed to the hospital. Although Kay Kay is currently on bed rest she is not letting the accident slow her down at all! She is still working on new music for her fans.

Kay Kay added, “I want to make a positive impact. It’s so much wild and crazy shit that goes on consistently in the world and I want my music to bring just a little joy for those moments. Let people know you can make the best of your worst situation and you’re not the only person going through something”

Tap in and Watch “Like Kay Kay” Down Below and Available on YouTube!

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