Mi$ta Hundos Is Ready To Share His Soul With The World! The Independent Artist Teases His Debut Album “You’d Like Me Better Sober” Is On The Way!

Mi$ta Hundos is paving the way for a new style of hip hop! The independent artist takes pride in having a sound that people might not be familiar with…YET. Mi$ta Hundos has created his own lane in the industry with his unique sound that is a combination of Hip-Hop, pop and rock!

“I’ll describe my sound as something different its chill, turnt and rockstarish.” He explained, “My flow is different, and I feel like that’s important. when you hear my music, you’ll feel something you never felt.”

Mi$ta Hundos is dedicated to being the best in the game. Not only does he write his own lyrics, but he also engineers his music as well. The independent artist believes its important to keep his sound real and authentic.

The Ohio Native has always been passionate about music. From a young age his mother revealed that music was the only way she would get him to sleep. Fast forward to when he was 16 Mi$ta Hundos decided to put his freestyling skills to work!

“I recorded my first record at 16.” He revealed, “I had a USB microphone plugged into my laptop and a $30 microphone with a sock over it and had to hold the mic in my Hand sitting on the floor.”

Since then the independent artist has gone though and over come many obstacles. In fact, his stage name was inspired by a time where he was in full survival mode.

“What inspired my Name is i’m a product of my Environment.” Mi$ta Hundos recalled, “When I was a kid I wasn’t made this way but eventually my surroundings forced me to get money to survive on my own. Get money or starve!! Simple my surroundings turned me into something different. It made me hungry for money.”

Now Mi$ta Hundos says his motivation comes from the people around him that want a better life and believe in his passion. Ultimately his goal is to impact the world. The independent artist hopes to connect with his fans and show them that he is a human being that is willing to share his soul with the world.

Mi$ta Hundos has been grinding during quarantine and is ready to deliver his debut album that will help us end the year right! His album “You’d Like Me Better Sober” is ON THE WAY! The album is expected to have 19 tracks and will be available on all streaming sites!

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