Meet Independent Artist Pryde Luciano

Pryde Luciano is an artist who grew up on the eastside of Ruston, Louisiana. His genre is Hip-Hop, and he uses melodies and lyrics to how his pain throughout his music. Coming from where Pryde Luciano comes from, you are either a drug dealer, you play ball, or you rap and hope you make it out. Looking at his environment, he is inspired to make it out and be the voice of his city.

When asked if there was a story that impacted his career, Pryde Luciano responded “One main incident that impacted my career was me going to jail. I feel like that impacted my career because I had an offer from CashMoneyRecords and I’m not sure what happened with my deal but I didn’t take the offer and I was facing jail time prior to the meeting and I understand nobody wants to take a risk in signing someone who is a “trouble maker” and could possibly be a wasted investment. That’s why jail impacted my career because I don’t want to miss out on opportunities from big labels with big deals because of my past and my criminal history.”

Pryde Luciano gets his motivation from is family. They have done so much for him and he wants to give them everything that they deserve. He looks up to artists like NBA Youngboy, Drake, and Lil Baby and hopes to inspire youth and anybody with a dream to chase their dreams no matter how hard or far-fetched that it may seem. Pryde Luciano is currently just working with other artists and getting a few notable features for a project he plans on dropping upon his release from jail. You can stream Pryde Luciano’s music on all streaming platforms!

YouTube: Pryde Luciano

Instagram: Prydeofficial

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