Senior Is Set To Release His Highly Anticipated Album Soon!

Independent artist, Senior is inspired by the reality of life. His lyrics are 99.9% from real-life experiences from his roller coaster of a life. Senior believes in human connection as a fundamental need which is why his lyrics touch the very core of a large, international audience with their reliability and music connects people on a soul level. Most recently Senior released his single “Trust In Me” and is gearing up to release his highly anticipated album.


Q: What inspired your artist name?

A: I myself own many businesses in Canada and around the world. Senior was a nickname given to me by people in which I got used to. It Is also my username on Instagram.


Q: Where are you from (born and raised)? And where did you grow up? (if moved to a different state/country, please include the year you moved)

A: I was born in Montreal, Canada. I’ve lived all my childhood in Montreal, until the age of 10. My family decided to move to Laval, where I’ve lived until the age of 24. I live in many places now.

Q: Where do you currently live? (if different than the state/country you were born in, please include the year you moved)

A: I live in different places. I move a lot because of my businesses. I usually sleep where my meetings take place the next day. I have 1 house in Laval, 3 houses in Bois-des-filion where I’m building my main home, and 1 house in Dollard-des-Ormeaux.


Q: What genre of music do you listen to? 

A: I listen to all kind of music. From R&B, to Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, Classic, Jazz, Country, everything. I don’t have a main genre. I am able to enjoy all kind of music.


Q: How would you describe your sound/style? 

A: It is really hard to describe my sound. I would love to get input from other people. My opinion on my sound/style would be alternative r&b & pop with a very small mix of hip-hop.


Q: Do you also write, produce, and/or engineer your own music?

A: I write all my songs. My lyrics are 99.99% real life experiences. I do not produce or engineer.


Q: Do you dance/choreograph?

A: I started taking dancing classes a while ago.


Q: Do you have any other special talents, such as acting, etc.?

A: My main talent is entrepreneurship & business. It is what I mainly do and been doing since the age of 16.


Q: When did you start doing music? And when did you start taking it seriously? Be as detailed as you’d like. 

A: I started music ever since I was a kid, maybe around the age of 13. I’ve always loved singing with my little brother. He helped me a lot throughout the years in music particularly. I started taking it seriously not very long ago. I was posting snippet and concept version of songs on Instagram and I saw really good feedback which boosted me to start a career out of this.


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IG: @senior                                         


YouTube Channel: (SeniorVEVO)        

TikTok: iiisenior

SnapChat: iiisenior

Twitter: @111jameswilliam


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