Benzo Fresh Is The Next Best Rapper Out Of Mississippi!

Introducing Benzo Fresh, the freshest from his hood in Mississippi. In 2018, the Trap Hip-Hop artist realized that he had the talent to make a career out of music and moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue it seriously. Ever since then, Benzo Fresh has been riding his own wave and cannot even be compared to other current rappers in the game. He’s also been on tour, opening up for rapper, Zaytoven, ever since he made the move to Atlanta.

Ain’t no cap in his rap! Benzo Fresh is as real as they come. His lyrics alone are a true testament to how badly Benzo Fresh wants to succeed and inspire others. The inspiration to his sound is himself, being that he has already been through so much in his life. He aims to share these stories with the world because this is the type of music that he sees as, “real.” With musical inspirations like Jay-Z, Young Dolph, and Master P, it is no question that Benzo Fresh’s songs are going to send a message.

Benzo Fresh’s life changed forever once he was put into contact with Zaytoven. Benzo Fresh’s employee at his former trucking company heard his music and immediately wanted to link up Zaytoven with him. Fast forward to 2020, Benzo Fresh has been featured on Zaytoven’s album, Pack Just Landed Vol. 1, on the song, “Dopeboy Fresh.” Benzo Fresh has also been cooking up some music of his own! He released his first album, Neighborhood Dopeman, this past June is set to release his second album this October.

Benzo Fresh’s music can be found on all major streaming platforms. Go follow the freshest from his hood. He is just getting started!


IG: @Benzo_Fresh

Facebook: Benzo Fresh

YouTube Channel: BenzoFresh and Benzo Fresh

SnapChat: @iambenzofresh

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