One West Spotlight: King Stace’s Exclusive Listening Party Recap

King Stace
Photo Credit: Moriah Harris

Emerging Los Angeles artist King Stace born Stacey Ford is no stranger to the spotlight. Hailing from a profoundly musical family full of seasoned veterans in the entertainment industry, the Los Angeles native and rap sensation best known to hip-hop audiences as King Stace was exposed to all genres of music from birth. Recently, King Stace held an exclusive listening party creating the ultimate feel- good, safe-distancing experience.

King Stace’s highly anticipated listening party kicked off in the city of Los Angeles to rooms full of Hollywood’s most elite influencers, entertainer’s media socialites. After a long-awaited performance, Stace opened the show with his musical hit, “Long Live the King.”

Presented by Blind Grind Entertainment, Stace gave audience members an inside look into his banging new album, Energy.

“The concept of the album, Energy, came about by accident. I rented the studio out for about two months and we were just in there recording. Just working, trying to sharpen my craft and get better. While we were recording, I was going through so many different emotions. I mean ups, downs, side to side.. front to back, all of that. This project shaped me and strengthened my life. Where I was, mentally, during the development of this album – that’s how “Energy” came about. It’s because there are so many different variables that went into telling this story.”

Fans also got to hear songs from his debut project, Trial & Error, which features up-tempo rap songs, including “West“,” “Wake up Call,” and “Waves;” – which left audiences members begging for more. Though Trial & Error was his debut onto the music scene, Stace first gained worldwide stardom as a child star, appearing in both films and a series of stage plays.

Born from humble beginnings, the entertainer was born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles. Stacey started his acting career at the tender age of five, landing roles in the 2005 film Rebound with comedy legend Martin Lawrence and It Ain’t Easy (2008) with heavy hitter ensemble cast including Mack 10, Clifton Powell, Glenn Plummer. Performing in several stage productions, he earned his spot as a member of the Amazing Grace Conservatory (AGC) under the mentor supervision of Wendy Rachel Robinson. As much time as Stacey spent on set, the rapper has spent even more time in the studio. With aspirations of inspiring others around him musically, he utilizes his raw unique lyrics with complex beats, to make his sound original. As a Tuskegee student, Stacey performed at the university’s homecoming, opening up for Louisiana rapper, Lil Boosie, in 2015. The artist has always balanced real life and life in show business, one of the main themes in his music, along with his experiences living in South Central.

Gearing up for a new album, and promoting his new single “New Persona,” the rapper has no intentions of slowing down any time soon. Continuing to pursue his acting and modeling career, along with putting his efforts towards non – profit and philanthropy work within the Los Angeles community.

Stream the new project Energy below and stay connected with King Stace here.

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