Meet Independent Artist Kam Krzy

Kam Krzy is a Bay Area native who will do anything that he sets his mind to. He writes his own music and designed his own clothing line. In 2017, Kam Krzy recorded his first single, North Face. His family is his number one motivator. He makes music to take care of his loved ones and to touch those that need inspiration.

When asked what inspires his music, Kam Krzy responded “Everyday life inspires me to write. I look forward to my experiences so I can put them in music and share with the world. The intention is to touch people through my work and help them get through life’s ups and downs. I want to let them see and know that anything is possible when you invest in yourself/passion.”

A goal he has when it comes to his music career is to have the top song on the billboard charts and to be the best artist on the planet. His intention is to make an impact by inspiring people to follow their dreams and encouraging people to follow their passion no matter what others say or think. In May, Kam released his EP “Coelho St” along with a new single, “Clouds.”

You can check out Kam Krzy’s music on all music platforms!

Ig: @kam_krzy


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