Emerging Star LowKey Bum Rushes His Way Into Hip Hop

West Coast Hip Hop will be forever beloved for its unique style, generational influence and it’s assembly line of polarizing rappers. The latest to come off the line with a signature flow, deeply rooted ties and a compelling story to tell is none other than the emerging Los Angeles rapper known as LowKey.

Hailing from Compton, as a kid, the emerging act moved around a lot and became a runaway at 13. On the streets, LowKey found a family in the street life but quickly became involved in street activities. Although he established a much-needed family orientation with the Lantana Blocc Crips, the lifestyle found him in trouble with the law which led to being incarcerated until 2010. During his stay in Mississippi, LowKey educated himself and developed his music career one verse at a time.

LowKey style comes from the recording artist’s take-it-to-you attitude developed during his adolescents. He remembers, “I would fight people bigger than me. And they thought I was gonna lose. And they would be like Lowkey he got hands and I would fight a lot because people would always be testing me after a while they just started calling me Lowkey plus I did a lot of dirt on the Lowkey and never got caught.”

LowKey’s musical aspirations were discovered through his adventurous explorations in street culture, drawing attention during downtimes with novice freestyles sessions among friends that showcased his raw talent for music. Many would advise him to pursue a path in Gangsta Rap after hearing him effortlessly rap about the daily news around the streets.

“I would get high n freestyle a lot and I can say I’m pretty good at it.. and people would always be like get on the track with me … but was to busy hustling and staying alive was my main focus… Now time is different and don’t wanna regret what would have happened so I said fuck it … It’s a lot of work but got to get it.”

With their influence, LowKey began exploring music, studying various regional artists to learn traditional flow, rhyming and subject matter. “Pac… DPGC… Westside Connection… and of course OG Cucide And my brother Bebo from Pedro.”

OG Cuicide, Lowkey’s mentor, is credited for a large amount of his foundation. To this day, he advises LowKey on how to navigate through music and still remain true to himself. He credits OG Cuicide for the best advice he’s ever received in this business. He says, “…Neva let nobody tell you that you can’t win.”

As he continues to make strides as an up-and-coming, LowKey’s heart and soul in Hip Hop can be identified by his desire to provide a better life for his family. LowKey has a wife and a seven-year-old son that provide him with all the inspiration he needs to step out every day and take it to the max. “We are dealt whatever hand God gives us… It’s up to us to play it right card
He has overcome so many obstacles is a fighter and keeps going. I need him as much as he needs me .. and change my life because of him,” He remembers.

In late-2020, LowKey capitalizes on the newfound popularity and scheduled to release a full-length project, currently untitled, which will feature the string of recent releases, along with star-studded features and surprises. The project will provide newly discovered fans an in-depth look in the past, present and future of LowKey the man and the artist.

For the new West Coast generation, LowKey the definitive new artist we want. A worthy for true Gangsta Rap purest. Get familiar.

Stream “Gunplay” now.

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