Hip Hop Artist Karma Nikole Wants To “Make Them Mad” In New Visual

Hip Hop artist Karma Nikole is an alluring yet savvy female rap artist. She is known for her risqué, in your face attitude and while her face may be pretty, her lyrics are not soft and sweet. Her unpredictable style is fierce and bold attitude.

Having discovered that she could rap at the age of 13, she began writing poetry which eventually led to putting lyrics on beats. “My most influential rappers while discovering my style was Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. Nicki’s flow always caught my attention with her raw lyrics, while Rihanna’s sense of fashion always reminded me of myself being that anything she put on looks outstanding” says Karma. During COVID-19, she has been perfecting her craft and building relationships through social media. She goes onto say “I wrote songs that I probably wouldn’t have thought of with any distractions. The worldwide Black Lives Matter protest influenced my content tremendously by giving me ideas I never thought of. Being able to be verbal about situations and empower my followers to stand up for something.”
Karma Nikole says that recording “Make Them Mad” was very easy and fun for her. “I wrote it in about 2 hours and went the same day to record it in a basement not to far from my house. It took less than a hour to complete . I knew it was a hit because after leaving the studio I sat in my car and listened to it repeatedly for about 3 hours. I feel very confident in where I’m at right now as an artist. The goals I set for 2019 I surpassed which I’m very grateful for. The path I’m on is breathtaking. I feel like I have a strong team behind me and we’re destined for greatness.”
Check out Karma Nikole’s new visual for “Make Them Mad” on YouTube here.

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