Makarios Aristotle Varner Jr. Takes A Stride For Excellence as One of the Millennial’s Next Entrepreneurs

Makarios Aristotle Varner Jr. is a self-made entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA. He owns a multimillion dollar option trading group chat (Aristotle Signals and Learning LLC), a popular online trading university (AMUU LLC), and the author of a best selling book (Aristotle’s Investing Guide).

Aristotle joined the US Army at 18 in 2014 as an active duty service member. His first business venture was cutting hair of the local service members. He saved 100% of his hair cutting earnings & decided to teach himself investing. On Dec 29th, 2018, Aristotle found out his wife was pregnant. He started his company the next day

He made is wife quit her job and focus on managing his company from home, staying healthy, and well rested for their child. By the time the baby was born August 18, 2019, they’ve grown the company to generate $30k a month. Now through all earnings, they are hitting $300k a month in revenue and the numbers climb each month.

Besides teaching investing to generate quicker and more consistent profits, Aristotle also preaches values to his community.

In 5 years, Aristotle sees himself as the youngest black billionaire in history. He plans on having 7 strong streams on income including: trading, groupchat, dividends, owning an application, real estate, books, cosmetics business, and e-commerce.

Stay connected with Aristotle here.

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