Interview Spotlight: Producer/Rapper Patient Picasso

Los Angeles producer and rapper Patient Picasso’s journey began in 1998 performing at local talent shows, open mics and mom and pop shops. His musical influences growing up were Earth Wind and Fire, The Bluenotes, The Dells, The Manhattans, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Dr Dre,  Nas, Notorious B.I.G and LL Cool J. At this point in Patient Picasso’s music career, he has worked with worked with the Grammy-nominated band, 1500 Or Nothing, Glasses Malone and many others along with several of Snoop Dogg’s artists including Yung Zeke. He recently collaborated with Yung Zeke to produce a song entitled Uncle Snoop which the West Coast Legend himself co-signed. Picasso released countless music videos, several mixtapes and is circulating his beats throughout the streets. By repeating this process he gained the respect from his rap peers in the industry and up-and-coming artist in the streets.

Patient Picasso has molded and strengthened  his craft and talent by producing music daily over the past 10 years. The artist and producer recently signed  a deal with Indie Record label called Made4Millions Entertainment. Most recently, he has opened for too short, lil Baby, rick ross , plies. famous dex, OT genesis , Cardi B, Lil Pump & More. He’s also recently rocked all the  Major Cannabis stages such as HighLife music festival, Kushstock Festival & ShatterCup. Picasso released a 11 track LP Entitled “I Caught The Wave” which is currently available for online downloads in  all digital retailers and streaming platforms. We sat down with Patient Picasso to discuss his musical influences and what it’s like to be both an artist and a producer in today’s rap game.

1) We love the name “Patient Picasso”. How did you come up with that? What does it mean to you?

One day I realized I was painting pictures with my music similar to Pablo Picasso so I came up with Patient Picasso.

2) How would you best describe your music to fans?

I will have to say my music is real West Coast laid back and I filled  with good energy.

3) You have opened up for so many big artists including Cardi B, Lil Pump and Lil Baby. Do you have a favorite show experience that stood out to you the most and why? 

I love all the events I did each one is special to me and in its own way. 

4) You’re both an artist and producer. Do you feel that being both gives you an advantage in the game and how?

Yes it gives me a total advantage because I don’t have to wait for someone to send me beats and I don’t have to try to catch someone else’s vibe. I can create my own.

5) Tell us about your current EP “I Caught The Wave”. What is it about and what inspired you to release the project? 

I go through time frames with music this project is just filled with tropical uplifting good energy vibes. Most people would probably describe it as R&B Trap. 

6) Who are some artists you’re listening to right now?

Literally everyone!

7) How have you been staying creative and productive during quarantine?

Yes, very. Still working hard. 

8) What’s next for you in 2020? What can fans look forward to?

Just more music & videos.

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