Melo Meezy & Dean Caine Talk Hip-Hop, Collaborations & More

Who influenced you to rap?

Melo: Artist like OutKast, Dj Quick, Bone Thugs N Harmony & Pac

Dean: Slim Shady (Eminem), MF DOOM, Tupac, Earl Sweatshirt

You two have been collaborating for several years, how did you the two of you begin making music together?

We started making music years ago after meeting at a show in the city and just been working ever since. Overtime formed a creative collective called W.O.L.F (Winorlosefu**it) stacked with artists, producers and skaters. We’ve (Dean Caine & Melo Meezy) released solo-projects prior in the underground community; Instead of working on a collaborative or joint level, we formed the Group WthDrwlz.

Compton enriched in legendary Hip-Hop acts, does it apply pressure to your creativity as an artist being held to such high expectations?

Nah no pressure at all; Although the is a bar that is set high by the Legends like Eazy-E and other acts.

Tell us about some of the music that helped you develop your particular sound?

70s and 80s soul mixed with old school rock as of lately. The way Curtis Mayfield would write his verses out and the live takes of how the sound was captured back then.

Has the current pandemic affected your recording process in any way?

Hasn’t really affected the recording process in any way. We always locking in 24/7.

The best advice you’ve received about creating music?
Trust the process and don’t rush it. Time has to do it thing sometime. It took an immense amount of time to put this body of work together, maybe 12 songs didn’t make the cut.

For newfound fans, which song would you recommend for them to listen to when wanting to know what all about Melo Meezy and Dean Cain?

Mel: They can listen to our latest projects on all platforms

Dean Caine: “No Eat No Sleep,” “No Wolves in the Circus” and “Broken Wings.”

Who’s providing the production on the upcoming project and what type of sound they’ve brought to the album?

Everything is in-house on this project Dean Caine produced the whole thing, every sound sample.

Is there a healthy competition between the two when it comes to creating new music on the upcoming project?

No competition. With us, it’s more like figuring life out and speaking our truth in codes.

Tell us about your most personal track off the new project?

Mirror Mirror

What can we expect from your upcoming project, Lost Souls In The Sun?

11 tracks of conscious rap at its rawest form. You can expect fresh sounds with production and storytelling. Mixed & Mastered by KingRickyC.

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