New Zealand Artist JOWIC releases new video for “My Plan”

New Zealand born and recently relocated Los Angeles talent JOWIC recently released a new video to pair with his most recent record My Plan. JOWIC has stated that he’s serious about his music after years of filtering through what really mattered to him. His video for the song My Plan was recently released on World Star Hiphop. Worldstar added it to their exclusive youtube channel as well. As far as we can see he has already attracted over 2 million views between his and worldstar hiphop’s pages.

This video shows this battle between JOWICS lifestyles. A split perspective of what an artist going through being committed to their craft and being in love.  We see him in the video with several models and then we see him with his girl living life.

We all go through these ups and downs, it was interesting to see exactly how it was seen through the eyes of JOWIC.

Welcome to the West! You can find JOWIC @joechampness on instagram.

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