Chicago Hip-Pop Artist Austin Fillmore Teams Up With Sammy Pharaoh & Zaptra In New Collab: “Stuck”

“I need you when I’m feelin stuck” – Austin Fillmore sings during a time when many people can empathize with the feeling of being stuck indoors or stuck in a less than ideal relationship. The funky track combines Austin’s lyrical stylings with Sammy Pharoah’s silky smooth Mediterranean style on the second verse and Zaptra’s sexy guitar and groovy bass lines throughout the song. The three part track offers a refreshingly unique song structure that keeps you moving from beginning to end. It remains danceable throughout and lyrically, stays undoubtedly relatable. No matter how tough the fights get, he just can’t give her up.

The world has been stuck inside for months, so when you see a song entitled “Stuck”, you tend to gravitate toward it. The three artists blend their skill sets organically by delivering a classic Carlos Santana-like energy. Upbeat but serious, “Stuck” is meant to deliver positive vibes with that ‘can’t get enough’ mentality. When you’ve been with someone for so long, it can sometimes feel like your relationship gets ‘stuck’ or that you become content or complacent. This doesn’t mean you’re not happy, but happiness is always the goal right? Being stuck in the middle isn’t allowing your best life to be lived so, let this track inspire you to transcend beyond being ‘stuck’ and instead, have you looking to ‘thrive’!

The songs main artist, Austin Fillmore (pictured above) continues to urge his fans to get to know him and his constant flow of behind the scenes footage, on-stage performances and daily social media stories keeps the masses on the edge of their seats. He takes pride in being different from other artists and uses it to his advantage with his #ThinkLessFeelmore movement. Austin urges his fans to submit to emotions and feel.He has recently graced some of the biggest stages in the Midwest, including North Coast Music Festival and countless other local staples! His performance on Chicago’s #1 Morning Show “The Jam” has once again marked Austin as a star on the rise and one to look out for. With the backing of Evan Price and Artist Collective, Austin Fillmore is destined to take his electric performance nationwide until he is surely a household name.

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