Yung Muusik Talks West Coast R&B, New Album & Building Legacies

Hailing from the same stomping grounds that created legends likes The Game, Kendrick Lamar, Eric Bellinger, N.W.A. and so many more, Compton, California. Striving new recording artist Yung Muusik prepares to engrave his name next to the greats paved by his own unique sound that is currently generating a lot of attention in the Underground R&B landscape. His new song “Duo” is quickly becoming a breakout hit and ascending his name into the mainstream conversation.

As he prepares for the takeover, we catch up with the new artist to talk about his forthcoming album, newfound popularity, plans on fortifying his legacy and more. Learn everything about Yung Muusik and his unique sound today. Read the complete interview below.

While Compton has a long and healthy Hip-Hop legacy but does the city have R&B roots at all?

Yes, definitely the city has R&B roots that’s where most of the rap today comes from R&B.

Music has always been an outlet of expression and reporting of current events, how has the current climate influenced your creativity?

The Current Climate has Influenced me a lot. I’m focused more than ever because of the events that have occurred I’m able to only focus on my craft and visual of my creativity in music.

Is R&B competitive?

I Don’t think it is competitive only because everyone has there own style of R&B…

How long have you been creating music and when did you realize the possibility of it being a career?

I’ve been creative with music since I was five-year-old. I realized I could make a career around 16-years-old and I’ve been focused ever since.

How have you adapted to the current musical landscape?

I’ve always been in my own lane so adapting to the current situation is just another way of making a way to get it done.

Do you miss performing live?

Yes… I miss performing But at this time with everything going on is only bettering my live shows and my craft. But I miss it a lot.

How did your new single “Duo” come together?

My single came together because of all of the online face timing and a phone app called Duo and I came up with a dope storyline the world can relate to.

What can fans expect from your highly-anticipated album Universal Love?

My Fans Are going to get real records that we all can relate to as in love and hate relationships, romance, etc. The list goes one. It’s going to be a universal album no one can deny.

Tell us about the time you fell in love?

I fell in love at the age of 14 young but I felt it and it was real lasting ten years. I learned a lot from my first time of loving someone.

Tell us about your biggest inspiration making the album?

Biggest Inspiration of mine Ryan Leslie, Joe, Ken and My kids

The best advice you’ve received when it comes to creating music?

My Best Advice was from Snoopdogg He told me my music is dope so I don’t have to be extra just be myself and stay going hard to keep the pressure on.

If you could describe the soul of Compton with music, how would you define it?

Untouched, unique and original.

Tell us about the production behind Universal Love?

The production behind universal love is intense only because we have so many records to make the cut. But everyone is working hard I can say.

What do you want your legacy to be?
I want to be one of the best to do it…

Watch Yung Muusik’s new video “Duo” now. Follow Yung Muusik today on Instagram.

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