$icario500 Speaks Hip-Hop, NFL, & The Future of Louisiana

Once known as Tim Williams, former Green Bay Packer’s Linebacker. The University of Alabama graduate makes his transition into Hip-Hop as the rising recording artist known as $icario500. After establishing a legacy on the field, $icario500 is making an impact in music as he represents the home field that is Baton Rouge, Louisiana with the latest release of his breakout single called “Suge”. Now as his latest effort, “Open Ya Eyez” builds into the success, $icario500 takes a moment to reflect with One West Magazine and share what he has in store for Hip-Hop in the near future.

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Who is $icario500 before the music?

I was somebody that beat the odds from walking in the valley of death with gangs and drugs to having a baby girl young. I choose to play sports because I had a daughter to look after. I had to grow up young. Having a baby at 14 changed me. Watching a lot of pain and suffering birth a humble beast. I was a product of my environment but I always felt like where god put me that was never my ending I knew I was destined for greatness I just felt it.

Who influenced you to rap?

Rarie my brother influenced me heavily and also my daddy. He was beast in battle rap back in the day. But Rarie and my homie Asap was an artist who is my family. I was managing them at first. I wasn’t rapping at all. They brought me out my shell. I was always a writer and writing music. I went to school for journalism and music, so my roots were always grounded in the music period. I love it. It’s my safe zone. A place of serenity for me.

Do you apply the same discipline and practice to music that you did in the NFL?

Yes, the same discipline it takes with music and the NFL. Is the same thing it takes focus and determination. With anything in life when you want it and enough. You manifest those things when your heart is pure. When you focused on your mission, nothing can distract you.

You and Pee Rarie have been collaborating for several years, how did you the two of you begin making music together?

Rarie is really my family, We brothers through the same struggle. We are brothers by a code. We cried tears and bled together. Soldado really out the mud. We have a story we just trying to let the world hear us. Rarie and I like Shaq and Kobe but we will never let any female or anything come between us. Not even the money can break our bond as brothers.

Lousiana enriched with legendary Hip-Hop acts still thriving in music, does the competitive nature of the Boot apply pressure to your creativity as an artist being held to such high expectations?

Yea it’s a competitive nature. But nobody in my city sounds like me. I’m from Baton Rouge but my music style influences are heavily rooted outside of here. I’ll always have my Baton Rouge culture in my songs. But my vibes and wave is different. I’m with vibes, I feel like I’m in my own lane with my music. I’m trying to bring a new sound to my city. We got all kinds of talent here. But only 10-percent get heard or make it out.

Watch “Open Ya Eyez” now.

https://youtu.be/5nx5jDwWZUs ‬

Athletes becoming a recording artist is nothing uncommon; however, succeeding in music is a different story, how do you know you can be the difference?

I can be the difference because the time I put into my craft and music is crazy. I work hard
But at the same time, I come from the trenches. I’m just not any athlete rapping I been through hell and back in gasoline draws. Knowing me you will know my story. And that’s what you getting in the music. Nothing fabricated. I made money, I’ve been places. I’m not searching for the material things that come with music. I just want to be the best artist known by my music. I made my mark in football. I want people to respect $icario500.

What are the Twin Dragons all about?

The Twins Dragons tape is a project with me and Pee Rarie. We felt like it was time to put out some music with us on it. We got our label on our back and we signed to ourselves. So we coming out the mud. Out of the jungle trying to be stars but be righteous within our journey.

Any interest in working with other Football players-turned-recording artists?

I mean it depends… I’ll work with anybody if they serious about music. It doesn’t have to be an athlete. I don’t want to get boxed in with my music. I actually want people to know $icario500. I want to do music with anybody that’s real and can get busy on the microphone. I’m all about good music.

Has the current pandemic affected your recording process in any way?

It hasn’t affected my recording process. I have been recording a lot of music lately and been in the studio. Going crazy with beats. My engineer is my homie. So we’re tied-in for sure.

The best advice you’ve received about creating music?

The best advice I received on music was to just be yourself, be authentic and be humble.
Be who you are only. Your time will come don’t cross yourself out wanting it too bad.

What was it like hearing your song in radio rotation, a feat that artists work their entire careers for?

To hear my voice was a real moment. It made me really believe in my team. I always wanted to be on the radio. Making music, I’m just happy to be apart of something that’s all about helping others.

For newfound fans, which song would you recommend for them to listen to when wanting to know what all about $icario500?

They need to listen to my new single, “Open ya Eyez.” It’s out on every major platform also follow me on Instagram, @sicario.500. I got a lot of unreleased songs on my page I’ll be dropping.

Who’s providing the production on the upcoming project and what type of sound they’ve brought to the album?

My production on the upcoming tape coming from my producer TNT. He produced for Rod Wave,
NBA YoungBoy and others. He got that sound everybody wants. And it’s crazy because that’s really my homie before the music. It’s deeper than just beats and rapping with me. I build relationships with the producers really a man with everybody working on the track. I can call family.

Is there a healthy competition between the two (Pee Rarie) when it comes to creating new music on the upcoming project?

Competition between me and my brother. It can never we in this together we push it each hard. It’s a family thing for us, he not going to let me put anything bad out and I’m not going to let him put anything bad out. I want him to make it even if it’s before me. And I know he will day the same about me. He won’t think twice either.

Tell us about your most personal track of the new project?

The personal track I would say is a freestyle I did over Lil Durk viral moment. It’s a great song and I flipped it. When I do remixes to people’s songs I don’t copy their flow or melody. I try to be authentic with my own wave.

What can we expect from your upcoming project?

My upcoming project is going to have some great music and going to surprise a lot of people. Just give it a listen and let the music speak for itself. I’m trying to become one of the greatest from my section.

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  1. He’s not a former GB PACKER, he’s still a professional athlete PACKER Nation!!!! Also he didn’t graduate from Bama.

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