The World’s First LIVE Music Co-Op, Launch Global presents, “THE 24 HOUR LAUNCH,” a full-scale 24 hour livestream music festival

Tune into the 24 Hour Livestream this Friday Here

On Friday at noon, Brooklyn-based live music co-op Launch Global will host the first-ever, full-scale 24 hour livestream music festival. Launch Global is out to redefine how music can work. The company maintains the ethos that it is possible for musicians and artists to earn a sustainable income if they can leverage each other’s skills and networks to create abundance for everyone involved.

The event will host over 100 musicians from around the world who will go LIVE to perform on the company’s website and socials for all the world to enjoy. The show will coincide with Launch’s equity fundraising campaign, which will launch at the same time the festival begins. The online festival will also allow viewers to learn about Launch’s mission to celebrate artists, and will offer a preview of their live music co-op, and robust, monetizable virtual venue. “LaunchGlobal.TV is a monetized alternative for independent venues, artists, and festivals looking to bring canceled shows online in a stable, scalable, virtual format.,” says Launch Founder and CEO Brian Stollery. “We believe in celebrating and supporting independent artistry. We are excited to invite you and music lovers everywhere to join our mission.”

The purpose of their artist co-op is to provide musicians with a centralized organization that functions to help them achieve their career goals. It is an inclusive and accessible community of like-minded individuals that are considered part members and part owners. Launch Global is introducing a new and innovative type of business model within the music industry that encourages teamwork for the collective benefit of everyone that is involved.

Through the co-op, artists will have access to a diversified set of resources normally available to, for example, recording label artists. Through Launch Global, artists become part of a team that offers services such as creative direction, artist development, business management, legal (contracts, licensing), marketing, content development, merchandising and more. The co-op prioritizes placing people over profit. A music company run for and by the musicians.With dozens of acts on Friday’s bill including nerd-core rapper Mega Ran, female synth punk mavens New Myths, NYC psych rockers Escaper and Mars Motel, cinematic alternative artist Yify Zhang, and many more, they plan to rock from Friday at noon until Saturday at noon and they hope you join in on the 24 hour fun!

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