Influencer Jessica Golich Sets The Bar For Fan Interaction Online

A true triple threat, influencer Jessica Golich proves that now more than ever, we are living in a time where people crave authentic, humanized content. Being nothing but herself, Jessica caters to each and every follower on her Instagram account, Facebook page and Twitter. Her Tik Tok alone has acquired millions of views through a consistent delivery of up close and personal concert footage. And as a true advocate for responsible cannabis use, she now uses her platform to educate fans and followers about the therapeutic benefits that stem from conscious medicinal use of both cannabis and CBD. Her attentive interaction with those who engage with her accounts is true proof of how important it is to stay connected, especially during a time where we value human connection more than ever before.

Contrary to the stigma, being an influencer is a full time job. Some may say that companies are relying on influencers more then press to relay news items, make announcements, and endorse popular brands. I theorize that there’s a level of trust involved that many, especially those under 35, don’t get from mainstream news sources. In a time where fake news stories have become a more serious and concerning issue, it’s easier to learn about a new development or brand through an influencer whom you’ve grown to love and trust. For example, Jessica’s endorsement of CBD and cannabis products has helped contribute to a shift in the societal perception of legalization. Partnering with brands like Church Cannabis Company, Jessica only endorses products and company’s that she truly believes in, which contributes to acquiring a loyal following of people who look to her for the next new thing.

It’s very clear to an onlooker that Jessica does what she loves. She responds to every fan comment, posts regularly, and continues to find innovative brands to partner with and support. Staying mindful to her content creation, she has now shifted to more of an ‘at home’ feel to let her followers know that they’re not alone during this crazy time. Having photographed notable events like the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit, Coachella, the High Times Cannabis Cup and many more, Jessica’s resume is not to be ignored. But her ability to adapt to an online world has kept her momentum strong and a lot of that can be attributed to her attentiveness to her fans.

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Photo Credit above goes to: @acronymofficial

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