Getting To Know NYC Rapper Gramzunkut

“Five Borough Thorough” king Gabriel Baez aka “Gramzunkut” turned to movies, books and listening to music at a young age. This NYC-native would listen to the likes of Slick Rick, BDP and NWA which greatly influenced his sound. He’s performed alongside Jay-Z, Chief Keef, Benny the Butcher, Uncle Murda, Cassidy, and many more on stages across the country. The thrill of the live show is what kept him pursuing music long term. But he recognizes that things have changed dramatically since the 80’s. He believes we need to grow with the times instead of fight them and he acknowledges that now more than ever, artist’s control their own careers and sound. They have the ability to put out their own products without having to deal with a label and that even if he doesn’t vibe with something new, it doesn’t mean that it’s not good music. Art is entirely subjective.

When asked what artists Gramzunkut was listening to, he said that he prefers to listen to music that came out before his time; however, he stays very in tune to music that’s happening at the clubs and acknowledges that despite his preference for older music, it’s important to stay on top of who’s buzzing right now. Being the nostalgic rapper he is, Gramzunkut highlights the “How Can I Be Down” event that he attended in South Beach where he saw Wu-Tang, Nas, TuPac and several other legends perform. What could be more inspirational then that? Gramzunkut says if he could go back in time, he wouldn’t change a thing.

During quarantine, he’s been enjoying his family while teaching his three year old twin girls and his one year old son. He’s experienced a surge of creativity through arts & crafts even more so then music! He believes that Hip Hop artists should be role models because the community is under constant attack and that there is zero room for not giving youth the proper tools and education.

Five years down the road, Gabriel Baez aka Granzunkut sees himself with an ever-growing fan base while mentoring young men & women and raising his family with his beautiful wife. He has high hopes that despite the music industry’s current struggles due to COVID-19, there is still room to grow and promote your music online if you can present a great product to fans.

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