Prominent Hip Hop Artist YONAS Announces The #GOODAYCHALLENGE On Social Media

I know it may not seem like it, but today is GOOD DAY! It’s all about your mindset right? Legendary Hip Hop/Pop artist YONAS is having a good day, as he celebrates the release of his latest hit…appropriately entitled “Good Day“. But the single does not stand alone. YONAS is announcing the launch of a #GOODDAYCHALLENGE on social media that encourages people to focus on the positive aspects of quarantine by using his song to create content on IG, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc. He wants listeners to highlight a new skill, celebrate a new perspective, show gratitude for their loved ones…anything that has helped people get through this crazy time that we’re all living in. We’re all in this together so, let’s start having more good days.

It’s refreshing to see an artist producing optimistic content during such a dark time. His new track’s buoyant production and celebratory keys pair perfectly with the narrative, making listeners want to dance from beginning to end. The track does not fall short of YONAS’s beloved bravado that he uses to couple relatable verses with a lighthearted chorus that is simply made for social media virality.

With lyrics like “So even then we was seein’ stars and dreamin bout the day we drive them European cars / I guess it helped us forget the fact that we were scarred” we’re reminded of how powerful the mind really is. Life is not easy, and we as humans learn to deal with the lows by focusing on the highs. Just like the saying “Only boring people get bored”, this track emphasizes the influence of the mind and the ability that we have to turn our days around simply with a shift in mindset. Start your Friday off right with YONAS’s new single “Good Day” on Spotify here.

Be sure to follow YONAS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to watch the #GOODDAYCHALLENGE grow!

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