One West Interview: Judge Sir Burner Talks About His New Single “Gooniez”

One West: What do you have to contribute the game?
SB: Originality and my unique story music had always been more of therapy for me writing has been one of the easiest ways to express your emotions or pain through words rather than violence.

One West: Who are your influences?
SB: Dismost, Taevious Gameher, Myka9, Mr Los Feliz, BloodShott, Big Doty, Tupac, 2Short, E40, EastWood, Yog Westwood, Busta Rhymes, The Lox, Mykestro, Big2DaBoy and so many others.

One West: You recently dropped your single “Gooniez”, what inspire this record?
SB: Gooniez is one of the singles from the 2Gunz project with BloodShott Self-made co Staring Big Doty it was inspired from my bro Bootz Rothchylde from Philadelphia he was from the East coast but Loved West coast its been a year now since he passed from sickle cell he sent it and I told em watch what I do linked with the G’s and made magic.
One West: What is Las Vegas like the strip and the nightlife?
SB: Vegas is dope especially when you freelancing or just going out just to enjoy a night out the city. Always a great get away from reality, just don’t get bit by the gambling bug or smoking mirrors.

One West: What is more important loyalty or the royalties?
SB: Loyalty Over Royalty

One West: Where do see yourself in the game with the music in the next 3-5 years?
SB: Retired or behind the scenes video editing or directing.

One West:  What do you expect to gain out of 2020?
SB: My peace. Raising my twin daughters has been the best and almost predicting 2020, 2 years before with my album Walking pneumonia is not a coincidence it’s before it’s time. In one word (Recession Proof)
One West: Should attention be valued or being honorable?
SB: Being honorable definitely, we all make mistakes and over as long as we learn from them and continue to do better and move forward and elevate yourself and others. Also depends on the attention.
One West: What’s next for you?
SB: During this serious time in 2020, Co- vid 19,  just taking care of my family being a single  Father 1st health is wealth practicing social distancing, ghost writing and to just continue to stride towards my goals, working harder than ever to give my girl’s a better life than I had and more to prepare them for what’s in store as the world turns the marathon continues…. #OvaUnda Dropping music The last of the Bosses.

Watch this video below.

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