One West Interview: LA Rapper 323Conflik Looks to Shape the Hip-Hop Culture and Discusses His Latest Single “Legacy”

A native of Los Angeles, Conflik is an inspiring rapper looking to take over the Hip Hop culture. His music is infused with versatility, dedication and the struggle of the streets. In Addition to music, he studied Business Office Administration at Diversified Language Insti- tute of Los Angeles. Conflik has been perform- ing throughout Los Angeles and Las Vegas at Southwest College, Showcase Tour, and Coast to Coast Mixtapes.
Within the past three years, he has dropped three mixtapes along with eight singles. He’s also been featured on Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem, 50 Cent, & Drake internet stations. Conflik plans on dropping new music in 2020 as he continues to expand his brand and fanbase.

One West: How did you enter the game?

323Conflik: I entered the game doing music in groups with a couple of my partners from the neighborhood that I grew up in. Started rapping at 13 & I haven’t looked back.

One West: When did you first get introduced to hip-hop?

323Conflik: I was first introduced to hip hop in 1994 when i saw Scarface & Ice Cube’s video (Hands of a Dead body) I was about 10 years old at the time. I was also listening to Eazy E back in my younger days, although I was too young to remember the age. Since then I fell in love with the art.

One West: Who does your music speak for?

323Conflik: My music speaks for the Have-nots in every urban community threw
out the world. I speak for the people in the struggle and also the thugs in the streets, that are a product of their environment.

One West: Do you think the Culture is moving in the right direction?

323Conflik: I feel the culture is evolving everyday and also changing. I feel
like its moving in the right direction, us a artist just need to adapt to the change.

One West: Who are a few artists that you have worked with and what have you learned in the process?

323Conflik: I haven’t worked with any major artist, but I’ve learned a lot doing music in the last 10 years. Learned how to deliver my music alot better, write & a lot of breath control.

One West: You recently dropped a video “Legacy”, what you looking to leave behind in the game?

323Conflik: I’m looking to leave behind a Legacy of my own & also a lot of great music with stories many can relate to.

One West: Do you feel like you came a long way from the beginning?

323Conflik: Yes, i feel like i advanced since i started doing music from a regular rapper into an Artist. I’ve done albums, EP’s and Singles. In the beginning I couldn’t get a project done, Now i have several with more to come.

One West: What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

323Conflik: I would tell myself to promote more on social media, save money to invest in my career & put Cd’s in the streets so at least by now I would have a decent fan base.

One West: What keeps you coming back to hip-hop?

323Conflik: The love for the art is what keeps me coming back, even if i wanted to stop doing music, I can’t. I’ve been writing, listening to beats &recording since my late teens and I don’t plan on stopping. It’s stuck
in me.

One West: What’s next for you in the next quarter?

323Conflik: I plan on releasing more music videos, My next single is called “All Day” the video will be dropping when my videographer is done. Besides doing videos, I will be looking into Marketing and Promotion strategies to build a decent fan base.

Watch “Legacy” below and stay connected with Conflik here.


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