One West Interview: Deez Inglez Talks Signing With United Masters, New Label, and Los Angeles Ram Stadium in Inglewood

Inglewood hip-hop artist Deez Inglez ​has been making music for 15 years. ​Formerly Sean Deez he has been creating a buzz in his city of Inglewood, Ca. and has worked with George Clinton, Big Hutch (Above The Law), MC Eiht, Mitchy Slick Strong Arm Steady, Skeme, Yumouth. But mostly inspired by Nas & MC Eiht. Sean is signed to United Masters.
Sean started his own label for Inglewood Talent. The Wrongkind Ingles started in 2009. Wrongkind Records started in San Diego, CA under the direction of Mitchy Slick. Sean met Slick right when Wrongkind Records was established. 6 or 7 years later it was decided that starting a Inglewood division of the Wrongkind would be wise.
 That’s where Wrongkind Ingles was established. Since then the brand is recognized worldwide, Spain, England, Japan, Bulgaria. Since then artists have come and go, major songs and videos have been made and we have made a name for ourselves in all sections of Inglewood. Sean brand is based on music & merchandise, which will spearhead the Inglewood Rap Scene as welcoming the Rams and Chargers to the Thriving City: City of Champions-Inglewood.
December 2019, Inglez set up his label, Wrongkind Ingles and dropped its artist Talez 2nd album LIVIN 2 DIE. The Talez album was the set up for the brand’s 2020 major plans to drop music led by Deez Inglez. His plan is to release an EP every 2 months and drop videos from the already available albums out for purchase.
The ultimate goal is to have Deez Inglez as a mainstream brand outside of Inglewood and strategically take advantage of what Sofi Stadium will bring to Inglewood, specifically East Inglewood.
He just dropped this new single Rainbow Sherbert Ft. Kozzy on March 5, 2020 and also released his EP Titled-DEEZ INGLEZ-THE CHAMPS. They can be heard on Itunes, Apple, Google Play, Spotify, YouTube and more. Deez Inglez music & Wrongkind Inglez merchandise can be purchased on ​

OneWest: Where you from?

Deez Inglez: I’m from Inglewood, CA. I grew up in the SouthEast section of the city, The Avenues.

OneWest: Who’s putting on music in the area you from?

Deez Inglez: In Inglewood currently D’Smoke and Rucci are representing for the city to the fullest and making names for themselves in the music industry. Salute to those two cats.

One West:What keeps you inspired to do music as long as you have?

Deez Inglez: What keeps me inspired is why I started making music, I feel like my story is unique and I feel it’s a WestCoast lifestyle that has yet to be told to the world. That WestCoast lifestyle being Inglewood street flava bars. And yea D’Smoke & Rucci inspire me but mostly the coming of Sofi Stadium to my side of the city is big time motivation. Also, what we have established with this Wrongkind Ingles is known around the world. We get luv in Spain, England, Africa, Bulgary, and China.

OneWest: What made you sign with United Masters as an artist? How is the platform beneficial for the upcoming independent artist?

Deez Inglez: My interest in United Masters started when I found out a man I respect was behind it, Steve Stoute. Then my interest got solidified by one of Day 1 homies, Pock. He is connected with the record producers Nipsey Hussle used to work with, Mike & Keys so I respect his knowledge of what’s currently going on in the game as far as new technology. I have previously worked with CD Baby & Empire Distribution but what really sold me was how all of your numbers are calculated on your phone and can be checked at any time which is hella convenient.

One West: What has Mitchy Slick taught you as far as music and seeing the long term vision in business?

Deez Inglez: The one thing I would say about what Slick has taught and stressed with me as far as dropping jewels is that we must make high quality music. From his experiences with Xzibit who worked under Dr. Dre he has a recipe. The recording, mixing, and mastering process has to be official. Wrongkind don’t put out no bullshit sounding music. Slick has said mfs in real positions won’t even listen to the song if it isn’t high quality no matter how hot it is.

One West: You just started The Wrong Inglez as a label how do y’all plan to take over as far as a great independent label and who is currently signed to the label?

One West:  So I started putting out music in the city in 2001. I would have never started rapping if it wasn’t for DJ Sir Jinx. Wrongkind Ingles started in 2009. And let me clear that up because I see your question has Wrongkind Inglez. People have been saying #Ingles in the city since I was a kid but when social media kicked in we were the first to claim the term. Then kats in the city started putting #Inglez everywhere so we have taken ownership of #Ingles and #Inglez which is the same sh when you pronounce it. About 2 years ago I changed my name from Sean Deez to Deez Inglez because we serious about that for legacy purposes. So, Wrongkind Ingles started back in 2009. From the start the plan has been to take over Inglewood, then LA, then the U.S. I put out Century Heights in 2019, but I would say since 2009 I have focused on giving opportunities to the little homies around me. I have basically been the CEO behind the scenes but last year I realized that I need to focus on myself. Not like that but I know I’m the one. Once again it goes back to how I feel about my story. The basketball, the cars, the girls, the intelligence, the streets and my neighborhood. The artists currently on the #WKI are Talez, G.G. and DJ Robby Dinero is linked with us.

One West: Do you feel that we can pave our way and narrate our own story without somebody controlling the plays?

Deez Inglez: I feel like with new outlets like United Masters we have more control of our music than ever. Of course everybody wants to be on a major label but nowadays you can make a lot of cake as an independent artists with their streams & video numbers up.

One West: Which producers would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Deez Inglez: As far as producers I would like to collab with JuneOnnaBeat, Romo, and Mars of 1500 or Nothin again. I have one he did with Skeme on it from awhile back, titled Beautiful Life.

One West: What advice could you give upcoming artists want to handle their business and make this music a career?

Deez Inglez  The advice I would give is to believe in yourself. I know that sounds clishay but I’m serious. If you don’t have major confidence with your skills or your grind stop it and find something you can fully dive in. Some have money on their mind when they approach this game but if your heart isn’t in it you won’t win. Your approach will be transparent.

One West: With Los Angeles Rams moving to the Inglewood in the next season and Phillips BBQ around the corner, you city taking advantage of what the game has to offer?

Deez Inglez: Yea it’s going to be like a whole entertainment complex when you hit Century Blvd and Prairie Ave. DTLA gon be a ghost town and Inglewood is where it’s gon be poppin. Think about the tailgate. Think about a parade. Please understand the stadium will be walking distance from the house I grew up in. Now that’s major motivation.

One West: What in store for you next quarter as far as upcoming releases and projects?

Deez Inglez: My new video “Jo & Bo” off the EP *The Champs* I released on 3/6/20 will drop in a week. In late May early June I’ll be releasing the next EP I am basically 90% done with. Then in like September/October we will release an EP in conjunction with the W.C Skratch Gang my dawg DJ Mike T. We are about 50% complete with that project. I’m hella excited about that collaboration. So, 2020 we I’m not playing and it won’t stop.

Watch the video below and stay connected with the Wrongkind Ingles here.


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