One West Interview: Harlem Artist Success Talks About Being An Authentic Alpha and His Latest Single “F U Mean?”

Success is a rapper and songwriter born in Washington, DC.  Raised in Harlem, New York, his rap style reflects the combination of a metaphorical NY battle rapper and the presidential but gritty lifestyle of a DC rapper.

As a child, he inherited the nickname “Hustle Man” from his hood because of his ambition and ability to help his single mother financially at just 12 years old.  With an incarcerated father and single mother raising three young children, Success (who is the oldest male of his mother’s three children) was driven to skip school to make money for his family so that they would not have to struggle. As he recalls his childhood, he remembers mostly getting his sibling groceries, school clothes and Christmas gifts.

Although Success had great responsibilities at a young age, he was always passionate about music.  Writing and listening to music helped him to navigate through life, despite his hardships and being forced into adulthood at such a young age. Although he loved music, his mother was against his dream to become a rapper, so he eventually ran away from home to New York (the Mecca of Hip Hop) where he was able to express his love for music freely. While living in New York City, he began to embark on his career in the world of Hip Hop.  He consumed himself with music, attending street battle raps, Hip Hop fashion shows like Baby Phat and industry parties.

As he excelled, his motivation to succeed in the music industry became greater.  The streets of New York is where he was giventhe name Success because he achieved a heightened ambition from childhood. At the age of 20, he had his own industry standard home studio where he recorded several viral tracks including “Ride or Die” and “Stackin”.

Success is one of the East Coast’s finest independent artist with New York City, Washington, DC and Miami as his hub cities. He is the laid back but confident DC rapper with New York swag.  His most recent project contains his single “F U Mean”, a track that elaborates on the current state of rap and the music industry.

One West: Where you from?

Success: Born in Washington DC raised in Harlem.

One West: How did you first get introduced to hip-hop?

Success: I got into it with 50 Cent around 05 or 06 at the Babyphat fashion show, that’s when I decided to drop a diss song on 50, which was the first time i wrote a song and I kept creating music from there. The diss track never made it back to him though lol.

One West: What do you have to contribute to the game?

Success: Difference. A Northern Southern sound running simultaneously, that’s more creative with word play and heavy bars with out the help of ghost writers unlike some cats in the industry.

One West: Who are your musical influences?

Success: Fabolous, Jay z Drake and 50cent still.

One West: Why did they call you “Hustle Man”?

Success: I’m used to making money consistently, day after day. The streets eventually noticed my grind and start referring to me as hustle man.

One West: Describe what “Success” means to you? The name hustle man evolved.

Success: Success after the streets noticed I reached the goals I set. They gave me the name and I ran with it lol.

One West: You just recently released a new single “F U Mean”, what‘s the game talking about right now?

Success: Its a game changer, got bars, plus the image.

One West: How does your blueprint make sense in the game trailing from NYC to Miami? What are you looking to accomplish?

Success: I can’t reveal that tactic, it’s a valuable peace to the puzzle.

One West: What’s in store for the remainder of 2020?

Success: The game needs an authentic alpha because a lot of artists these days are just completely lost. So my focus this year is to balance the game, bring change, isolate the strong from the weak, put on epic shows, drop videos, and dead weight bars.

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