Lush Art Agency x GRAFFCITY

LUSH Art Agency, a private art advisory recognized for boasting a roster of over 50 blue-chip and international contemporary artists, dazzled with it’s debut New York City pop-up show GRAFFCITY.  

The exhibition ran from December 19 to December 30 on 498 Broome Street, and welcomed some of the world’s most distinguished collectors, as well as the general public, to showcase the trends forming in modern street art culture.

GRAFFCITY featured some of the most prominent names in street art, including works by Richard Hambelton, Stephanie Tamez, Keith Haring, Simon Cruz, Mr. Brainwash, Loes Van Delft, KAWS, Retna, Banksy, and Jerkface.

I had the pleasure of catching up with the Lush Agency founder Soli Corbelle, who shared some more insight about her ambitions for this event.

“The Purpose of this show was to bring together a group of dynamic artists both living and deceased in celebration of the culture of street art in New York City,” stated Corbelle.

As she continues to reach new heights as an art dealer, entrepreneur and business woman, Corbelle is excited to continue influencing New York street art via future shows.

“We’re only getting started. Street art plays such an important role in the cultural foundations of New York City and many other cosmopolitan cities around the world like it. Our aim is to bring it all together in a way that shows the primal roots that connect us all as human beings.”

To learn more about the new developments and events the Lush Art Agency will be having, visit their office’s website here.


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