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Dutch based producer DNZ started with zero education and talented in producing boom bap production. He started in 2014 with experimenting with Fruity Loops and found his passion. From there he started purchasing analog hardware like the MPC2500 and some analog synthesizers from Roland. His expertise includes and not limited to s songwriting, arranging, and overall production .
Hip hop is in his vains and that is also the genre that he prefers to produce.

As a kid, DNZ always excelled at being creative but never got stimulated because of financial problems to travel to another city for schooling. At a later age he was stimulated by my surroundings and other producers who also made beats. Then he learned to know the right people around him so they have learned from him all the ins and outs of making productions. The team started to get better and better and learned a lot of each other and stimulated/inspired each other.

He is a firm believer in always backing up twice after his hard disk crashed with all the work that he ever made. After big failure in his music career in eyes he almost sold everything what had to do with music until he saw that email from Vinnie Paz his manager with contracts and from there it was and how it really started.

His  personal message to other producers is always stay driven and be a go-getter if you want to accomplish your goals, listen to yourself!
You should connect with the people that you want to. Almost every artist has a DM or an email Address and everybody checks their email. Keep pushing and stay dedicated!!

One West: Where you from and what made you decide to go the producer route?

DNZ: I Live in a small village called Reuver, in the South of the Netherlands. As a kid I allways excelled being creative but never got stimulated because of financial problems to travel to another city for schooling, I did several eductations but it was not what I was looking for. It almost took me over 10 years to find my passion. At the time that my wife was pregnant in 2013, I often visited my neighbour Marco to clear my head. He showed me the productions he made and so I decided to start exploring Fruity Loops. This was the point where I got addicted to experiment with sounds. meanwhile I met my boy Jordy Simons and he kept saying: “Don’t stop you’re talented, buy those monitor speakers  and listen back in 2 years, you’ll hear the progress by yourself”. I just didn’t stop. Then I met my brother Xavier, who i’ve met on martial arts school. We went chilling and then we found out we both made beats from that moment he taught me all the ins and outs of making a production so I bought some Roland synthesizers, A Maschine MK2, MPC4000, MPC2500 and even the MPC Renaissance, I went insane. I just bought everything that had to do with producing. But the winning team still is Fruity Loops (workflow wise)… so i got addicted to produce beats.. I started losing jobs and so on.. I call that passion.

One West: Who are your musical inspirations?

DNZ: Illmind, Dr. Dre, DJ Premier and Alan the Alchemist they all inspire me I grew up with Turkish music, UB40, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson my granddad loves Elvis Presley. I listened to many genres, from dark hiphop to RnB to metal as long as it’s good! There are many talents out there who can inspire you, I don’t like to pick any favorites. Even a random picked vinyl record can inspire me, as long as it sounds dope. I just like many genres. Also Akoma is an artist who drawed my attention and ii started to send him beats. It took a while before I had the quality, but he also kept motivating me to keep on going. Amsterdamned (Xavier), Akoma and me made an EP called “LIT” (LOST IN TRAPNATION) that has been mixed by EPADEMIK. It hasn’t been released yet but it’s absolute fire.

One West: How did you land your first US music placement?

DNZ: On Vinnie Paz, Jedi Mind Tricks, album coming February 14th.

One West: You have music on the way in February can you tell us what you have cooking up?

DNZ: Yeah, I have a placement on Vinnie Paz his new album “As above, so below”, Coming up Februari the 14th 2020. My production is called “Hannibal”. The 5th new JEDI MIND TRICKS album, my first placement, and my biggest accomplishment in the US.

One West: What are your sweetest joys and bitter sorrows about this path you chose?

DNZ: It’s always dope to hear people appreciate your beats/music and if you get back a master recorded. It gives me that extra boost to produce more. Allmost nothing better than having a hobby.
It takes a lot of your time, you’ve got to be patient and thats not really my second name lol I always want to create something, it can be really annoying if you don’t have any inspiration. One time I allmost sold all my gear after my HDD crashed with all my work. stupid but it happened (Always back up twice). Jordy was helping me with selling the hardware, then he showed me some beats that were still on my MPC2500. I instantly took it back home and proceeded making beats. You have to appreciate life, that brings up the best inspiration.

One West: You have a rap challenge that is backed by the Producer’s Corner, the Sunday School show, and Bad Seed Ent., in which the winner gets $200, what are the details and who’s all involved?
you can download the instrumentals in my bio on instagram or send me an e-mail on if you don’t have instagram.

• Promote the challenge flyer.
• record a simple video or a professional production. • Send your video
• tag 2 other artists.
• Share the video on your IG and tag me in it.
(@DNZbeats_Official #DNZchallenge).
• 1st place wins $200,- and an exclusive beat.
• 2nd place wins an exclusive beat.
The best players in the game will be supported by the Sunday Skool Show on hits101radio.
The producerscorner is a movement, we all support eachother
Bad Seed Entertainment is what it is! all love brother shoutout to you.

One West: How should an artist/producer create his art and how is art preserved?

DNZ:How he or she feels best, most important thing is don’t push yourself into creating something someone expects.. you’ve got to feel the sound and every other element in your own way. When I fall asleep after replaying it over and over then I know that I made something special. Be unique.

One West: Is there ever a perfect time to release your music and how should it be presented?

DNZ: To me there is no “PERFECT”, I think it is important to know that a good video or a dope cover art is more important to reach your audience. It is a product of art you want to bring out in the world, nowadays everyone is on social media. The eye expects something too. And stay active and keep posting like promo videos or announcements.

One West: What’s the best advice you’ve been given in the game?

DNZ: Be yourself don’t push the art and don’t get distracted from what u are doing. “Less is more”

One West: What skills do you need to make it in the industry?

DNZ: Be creative and stay dedicated to your goals!
If u can maintain a social network to stay connected with artists and other producers, is another good factor to have. It also is important to set up a plan and work with schedules. Being social also is an important factor.. if you’re not just do it if you ain’t like that.

One West: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future and 2020?

DNZ: NF, Maddchild, 50cent, Token, Hopsin, Techn9ne, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Kim, Remy Ma and a whole lot more. too bad a lot of the artists I really wanted to work with have passed away. I love to work with talented people, who knows who will cross my path.

One West:  What advice would you give upcoming producers who same a story as yours?

DNZ: Your ears are key! Be yourself, don’t stop what you are doing. If you want to work with a specific artist, connect him/her but the most important thing in life is to get out and connect with people aka socializing.

Stay connected with DNZ on Instagram here and subscribe to his YouTube channel.




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