Jay Fattz Makes Music As Release Therapy Reflecting on His Experiences From Compton

Jay Fattz

Jay Fattz is rapidly becoming a desired voice to be heard in the hip-hop community of Compton, California. With thought provoking lyrics and a unique sound, Fattz gained inspiration to pursue a musical foundation through his mother’s dream of becoming an aspiring singer.

Fattz, leading him to explore different musical sounds and genres. Not knowing music would later be his passion he cites his influences coming from artists such as YG , Nipsey Hussle , Mustard, Future , Young Thug, J Cole, and Kanye West who challenged him to get in a musical space aesthetically, creatively and lyrically.

Being a man of few words, with a myriad of unspoken thoughts, hip-hop became the catalyst to promise, it was therapy bringing a calm to his many storms. Already being co-signed by the city, Jay Fattz wants to contribute to the legacy of Compton through telling his story and through the experiences that he stands for.

He released his debut project, Rookie of the Year that sparks the flame that is ready to warm up the lane for this upcoming emcee. Fattz plans to release new music in 2020 and paint a picture of the aspiring youth from Compton, California who went above the expectations.

Stream and listen to his debut project, Rookie of the Year below and stay connected with Jay Fattz here.


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