Warm Brew Returns With a “Summertime” Anthem for L.A.

Following up their latest hit, featuring Wiz Khalifa, “Player Way”. Buzzing new West Coast group Warm Brew delivers another hit, perfect timing and title, “Summertime”.

The first single of 2019, the group of Ray Wright, Manu Li, and Serk Spliff provides fans with a laidback West Coast hip-hop track. On “Summertime”, they return to a familiar sound reminiscent of nostalgic hip-hop.

A summer-anthem coined a ‘love song’ by group member Serk, the lyrics of the song explore the beauty of romance during the summer season in Los Angeles. “Player Way” and “Summertime”, Warm Brew is creating a string of hits that will resonate in a huge following on streaming platforms worldwide.

With a huge co-sign in Wiz Khalifa, the trio is also coined “Cali’s Next Big Thing” by fellow West Coast veterans like Dom Kennedy and Buddy.

Stream “Summertime” by Warm Brew, available now via Red Bull Records.

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