Willie Psycho Rocks the Stages of Las Vegas and Beyond

Willie Psycho

Willie “Psycho” Carter has been performing with bands for the last 25 years. His music is a compilation of rock and metal with a punk edge. Next stop, rock and hip-hop like Run D.M.C.’s Raising Hell album.

The name of his band and persona (Willie Psycho) was a name given to him by a band called The Drapes, at a masonic lodge in El Cajon, CA. With shows already booked, their guitar player decided to go to France on a vacation. Leaving the band high and dry, Willie stepped up to the plate and took over like nobody’s business. By the time it was all said and done, one of his friends, Alan Camp, came up with the name Willie Psycho and it stuck.

Willie was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1972. He moved to San Diego, California when he was seven, which is where he grew up; ultimately moving to Las Vegas, where he now resides.

Playing the bass guitar, vocals and also DJing are some of Willie’s strongest skills. Some of his early influences were acts like Bad Brains, Slayer, Ice-T, and Run D.M.C.

Recently, they came up with a bunch of hip-hop songs and decided to put together an album with a rock band. Mixing elements of hip-hop and rock together, they are working on a new album, titled The Pussification of America, which should be released in a few months—but it’s going to be ferocious! Probably the best stuff he’s ever come up with.

Since having some bad experiences and getting screwed over by a label, Willie Psycho is now an independent artist on Psycho Records. To quote him directly: “My last label fucked me like a dude in a gay porn, with no lube.” He considers them a bunch of snakes, people that will sell their own mother.

Willie Psycho has ten albums out, since he’s been in many bands over the years. He’s currently pushing Willie PSYCHO The Predator on all social media platforms, such as Google Play, Apple Music, etc.

Some of the notable artists that he’s opened up for are Ice-T, The Misfits, Warrant, Bad Brains, DRI, The Exploited, Leftover Crack, Skid Row, and Steven Adler from Guns N’ Roses.

More on Willie Psycho can be found on the following social media outlets:

Facebook – facebook.com/williepsycho

Google Play – Willie Psycho

Twitter – @williepsycho1

Instagram – instagram.com/williepsycho

SoundCloud – soundcloud.com/willie-psycho

YouTube – youtube.com/Williepsycho

You can also check out his interview on Vegas Live With Ninon:

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