Ponyboy of Los Marijuanos Presents His Latest Video “With or Without You”

Ponyboy of Los Marijuanos

Ponyboy (Rafael Ochoa), now living in Las Vegas, Nevada is the front man of the independent music band Los Marijuanos. He was born in McAllen, Texas. He then moved to Chicago, Illinois in the 70’s.

At the beginning his Mom and Dad fought a lot. His dad was an alcoholic who beat up on his mom. She defended herself as best as she could as Ponyboy and his sister would hide under the table. When his dad went to his own room, Ponyboy grabbed a hair brush, holding it like a microphone, and started singing to his mom which cheered her up. Mom was very supportive.

She bought a transistor radio for Ponyboy who listened to a station on WLS in Chicago.

Back then there was a lot of gang activity like the Latin Kings and other gangs. So Ponyboy and the family ended up moving to Gary, Indiana to get away from all that mess. But he was never involved with any gangs.

He then started listening to Hip-Hop which inspired him to switch up his craft. He grew up with MTV which further provided his influences in what he was going to do. He listened to a lot of Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Funk and other genres. He was around 10 years old listening to the likes of George Clinton, Earth Wind and Fire, Kansas, Queen, Electric Light Orchestra, Kiss, The O’Jays, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Just to name a few.

Ponyboy came up with the name Los Marijuanos, because he heard Cypress Hill and they were all talking about weed, which he was interested in as well. Some members of his family like his Mother and Grandma were saying “Pinche Marijuanos” (“F’n Marijuana Smokers”). But he persevered…never gave up.

The original group was founded in 1999 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. That’s when they released a 12” record on vinyl. Pura Pleito, Pure Drama.

PonyBoy has been around forever. He has supported Eddy Lepp who went to prison for 10 years for growing marijuana. He wouldn’t take a plea deal and served his sentence. What a shame!

The way he came up with his name was the fact that he used to have real long hair. He ended up cutting most of it off but kept a long ponytail. He would buy Pony shoes, high tops. With the ponytail and the Pony shoes he wore, his homeys started calling him Ponyboy. And it stuck.

Los Marijuanos was originally formed with 3 members. Garcia, Scribe and Ponyboy. They went on to join forces with Kinto Sol. Kinto Sol really didn’t smoke weed but it was all good, more smoke for Ponyboy.

When they started their own group Ponyboy had 2 new members for Los Marijuanos. DJ Kid Scratch from Illinois, Indiana and Juni C.

When he moved to Las Vegas he had to find new members and he discovered Mr Fuzzy and Escade. Ponyboy was smoking in the alley of the recording studio in between breaks. This was when they were recording “Blood will Never Die”.

Around the same time, the group Liberacion needed a hook for their song and Ponyboy just jumped on it for the hook. Ponyboy got in the booth, high, and laid the music down. Ella Si Fue (She Left) was the song. They felt that this was a hit. He’s very proud of that accomplishment. The song was featured on Telemundo, Univision, Azteca TV and other major Latin outlets and countries.

Unfortunately he had to quit the group due to low funding from every show. But to this day, when the song comes on, the crowd sings the hook, though his name was taken off the video. That song took Kinto Sol to the next level. But Ponyboy never let this bring him down.

Los Marijuanos have released a total of 5 Albums. Two albums, “Pure Drama” and “The Smoke Out”, on Wicked Entertainment. Wicked Entertainment is in charge of all the music from the first 2 albums and Spotify. He isn’t  finished with them. They have a bunch of ideas for Ponyboy to hear them out to get all his music together.

His next two albums were “For Life” and “Where’s My Money” on Virus Enterprises.

And his 5th album was “Trippin on Tricomes” on Sunset Records, which was featured in the movie documentary “How Weed Won the West” by director Kevin Booth.

His latest track With or Without You is a compilation of all his years of performing and his influences.

Ponyboy’s top 3 favorite songs are as follow:
Summer Time
With or Without You (Video Below)
Time to Get High

These days Los Marijuanos are working on new tracks, new merchandise, medicated edibles and more. Taking all the Mexican candy and making them as medicated edibles.

The new album that’s coming up will be called “Dank Defenders”. The way he does his music is the way he feels it. He’s not intimidated by haters.

He’s also working on pot parodies on “Weed Al Dankovic” (new group with a band backing him). Los Marijuanos has new music coming out. “Weed Al Dankovic” will be a new venture for Ponyboy. He will sing till he’s blue in the face.

Over the years he has performed at the Seattle Hempfest , the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam (4 years in a row) and other venues.

Los Marijuanos has also opened up for a number of bands and artists, or performed with them. They have performed or opened up for Ziggy Marley, 311, Starship, Cypress Hill, Lucas Nelson (Willie Nelson’s Son), Foo Fighters, Violent Femmes, Green Day, Kottonmouth Kings in Amsterdam (D-Loc and Pakalika RIP). Pakalika started popping and he was off the chain. Everyone just stopped to watch his crazy skills. Other groups that he’s performed with are, B-Real and Hopper who were some of the his best friends. Great friends and great competition. Los Marijuanos has also opened up with Marlin Asher (Reggae). Kid Frost (has a song with him…the hook). So many groups that he can’t name. He opened up for the late Jack Herer (author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes).

As far as a genre is concerned, I don’t know if you can really label them in any particular genre because they do everything. Ponyboy sings in Spanish and English to the tunes of Rock, Reggae, Slow Jams and Oldies. I would have to leave that genre stuff to the fans that listen to his music. Los Marijuanos perform in all genres.

The main message behind the music is to free the weed worldwide. Legalize marijuana not only nationwide but worldwide. Ponyboy’s message to his fans is just to remember the forefathers as far as the whole marijuana and hemp movement are concerned and to never forget them. People like Eddy Lepp, Dennis Peron and the legendary Jack Herer. At the end of the day we’re just smoking a plant.

His motivation and inspiration is simply writing music itself. It keeps driving him to continue performing, which he loves to do.

Currently Los Marijuanos are working on a new album that is expected to be released by July of 2019 titled “Dank Defenders”. Be on the lookout for them as they continue their successful, long career.

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