[READ] Introducing Comedy’s Newest Sensation Jaball Sitch

As we were looking for new funny comedians we ran across 20 year old Jaball Sitch. He spends his time making comedy videos, short film skits. He’s been making comedy videos for about 5-6 years now from 2014 when he first started making videos. He got his start making videos was from a youtuber named “Tre Melvin” every since then, he’s been creating funny content for people to see.

He started on Facebook first then expanded over to the “Vine” before it was shut down. He has 3 siblings all of them are younger he’s the oldest brother. He currently resides in Palmdale California and graduated high school in class of 2017.

He plans to make videos for the rest of his life, with plans on making it to the big screen. His near future goals are to go to college for Film/Theatre.

In his spare time Jaball likes to enjoy playing games sports games like 2k, Madden , FIFA, Boxing, Baseball, and many others! Learning so much from his favorite actor Will Smith he’s following his blueprint to make it big in Hollywood.  He’s into listening to all kinds of music like Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Gospel and his favorite artists J Cole & Drake. Check this young rising talent out on YouTube subscribe to his page and enjoy the great skits this young man has put together.



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