West Coast Own Yog Westwood is Ready to Shine

Arizona’s own Yog Westwood is ready to take over the West Coast with his powerful presence. Buzzing off impactful videos like “I Ain’t Lyin”, “I’m On”, and “These Streets”, Westwood looks at 2019 as the year to elevate his sound past the Left Coast borders, reaching the rest of the world. Preparing a brand new album, Westwood looks back at recent accomplishments to build his next hit.

Building a career off collaborations with West Coast pioneers like Snoop Dogg, Mack 10, Brother Lynch Hung, and many more. Westwood has not only developed music with the greats but also shared the stage for legendary moments. Along with collaborations, solidifying his own popularity as a solo artist with his lyrical prowess and progressive attitude. The streets can’t get enough of his undeniable charisma shown on various music videos.

Watch Yog Westwood’s “Muscle Car”, “Way West”, and “2 Gunz” below.

Taking to the craft as an adolescent, Yog Westwood credited Hip-Hop as a simple hobby before turning it into a profession due to his popularity in the streets. Building a fanbase for himself with street hits like “I’m On”, “2 Gunz”, and “Way West”. Yog Westwood took home Artist of the Year two years in a row in 2014 and 2015 at the West Coast Hip-Hop Awards.

Yog Westwood is preparing for a big year with a highly expected new album. Working with top-tier platinum producers Rampage and Felony Muzik, featuring legendary co-signs by Hip-Hop heavyweights like OG Kokane. The West Coast star’s new album is slated for a late-2019 release.

For more on the rising star, follow Yog Westwood on Instagram.

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