Music Producer AndrÉs Castillo And Atticus Firey Join Forces At Tech-life

Latin Music Icon, Andrés Castillo, announced today he is joining an equal Icon, Atticus Firey most known for his billion-dollar acquisition in the fashion industry q4 2018, as a business partner and Chief Innovative Engineer of the Tech-LifeTM consumer electronics brand, alongside the co-founders (and American entrepreneurs) Nick Mazza and Allan Paine. Over the years Andrés Castillo has collaborated on numerous projects for lifestyle brands from Converse, Ray-Ban, Oakley, New Era, and Ecko, but this is the first true partnership endeavor.

“We’re honored to welcome super-star music producer/artist Andrés Castillo to our global team, headquartered in SanDiego CA.”, says CEO Nick Mazza. “The name Tech-Life elegantly encompasses our
guiding values. Technology has avital and continually growing role in everyone’s life. We’ve all
experienced how it can elevate us to new heights and enable us to achieve more, but all too often
technology is distracting or disappointing. So many ‘technology’ companies distract us with their flashy
gimmicks, disappointing us with lack of quality or understanding of our lives.”

Tech-Life’s award-winning products exist solely to enhance all our lives by starting with a deep
understanding of our problems and frustrations and then applying our expertise to create solutions that can withstand our active-adventurous lives. Company motto is: Love to Play & Play Loud! Healthy doses of
play time are essential to our growth as humans because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being needed to connect fully with each other. Why wouldn’t we do it as loud that technological innovation allows? Loud and crisp to us means vigorous, relentless, and unapologetic. We know how to make great speakers; our speakers help us play. We know you’ll love them too, so we say

Allan Paine, co-founder & president said:

“Andrés has sold over 8M albums, has over 50M YouTube views, and has received multiple awards. This foundation of long-lasting success has been curated perfectly for his new role as our product development ‘Maestro’. His remarkable ear for music is exactly what we were searching for in our quest to further innovate and to create audio products that not only utilize the next level of technology but provide an auditory experience unlike any other. This massive addition of expertise and talent to our development team brings Tech-Life one step closer to our goal of building the best portable speakers in the world.”

Tech-LifeTM specifically appeals to music-loving audience, while also pioneering a unique emphasis on
the EDM and Housegenres – and believes speakers should enhance your life, just like music does. They
should go everywhere you go, work as hard as you do, and then party with you all night long. We are
adventurers, through and through, who love the great outdoors. We thrive in the unknown, and we live for
thrilling new experiences worldwide. We believe that our true self is our best self. Atticus Firey says,

“Through our latest partnership with Andrés, and a well-oiled network of celebrity influencers and music royalty, we’re quickly being defined as the authentic and relevant electronics brand.”

Mr. Firey adds, Now we will be developing ‘for DJ’s and by DJ’s’. Atticus Firey serves as the company’s Global Strategy Guru.

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