Quani Williamz Showcases His Skills On His Latest Project ‘M.O.M.A’

Quani Williamz

Today I reviewed a new artist out of Compton by the name of Quani Williamz.

He recently dropped a new project titled ‘M.O.M.A’ and to be honest this guy really knows how to create a song. It featured bangers like “Life Is Not A Game” which easily took me back to Kendrick Lamar OD days. His song “Hippie & Alcoholic” is by far one of my favorite tracks on this album and “Incase” has one of the most fire beats I’ve heard all year.

My only major complaint is the closing track “I Miss My Nikkas” the artist that he featured was absolutely wack and can’t sing AT ALL! I listened to that song 3 times to make sure I was trippin’ and the singing was just awful. It was wrong person to feature on his last song on his project.

Another notable mention is “Paid” check that song out it’s dope! If anything this album showed me that Quani can make great tracks. I truly would like to hear more of Quani’s personal life hopefully for his next project he opens up a bit more about himself and his struggles and motivation to keep rapping! Check this album out on all streaming platforms. Watch the full review right here.


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